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  1. why are u typing like that
  2. but couldnt you of just posted an announcement parroting whatever mmartin said in the discord meeting instead of posting a snarky reply lol Development Updates: Jobs significant progress, remaining work in the trucking script. Loan script Vehicles can be financed when purchasing new through a dealership. P2P sales to come at a later date. Properties can be purchased on a mortgage. Tied into the company script, reported income necessary to use it. Business script basic featues POS (Point of Sale) Terminal Direct sale of items Can alter prices (discounts, surcharges) Can offer different amounts, formats - ie sell liquor in a bar directly in a glass. Merge Week A bunch of stuff will be merged to the test server. Police commands, /eat, vehicle security and so on. (There are more commands/features for Merge Week) All patrons get additional credits as reimbursement for delays (% TBD) Media (snippets, videos, etc) resume post merge week along with PD/ad campgain, once release date is set. mmartin say no announcement yet bcs they want to add PR stuff like feature showcases
  3. the only way lsrp becomes something other than a nostalgia trip is by handing it off to fresh blood. i mean letting all the admins and management reinstate despite the unanimous hate they received for the last server's downfall was super questionable. imo martin should take a step back and manage the server from a macro standpoint, using his experience to guide the developers in the right direction but not being a physical chokepoint needed to deploy changes and manage the dedis even if this server miraculously releases we're just going to get half-years of stagnancy on repeat until people get fed up bcs mmartin will always be needed to press the deploy button and pay the hosting n his career obviously cant support the micro management needed to run this stuff its sad, i wonder how long it will take for developers to figure out all people want is a basic heavy rp platform that isnt GTAW
  4. probably because those popular roleplay servers were part of a game that had insta kill throat slitting stealth attacks
  5. yekim

    March Release Update

    why is a lawnmowing job on the list for a minimum release? y can u give people piggybacks??? just release the server without all this useless shit and add it in the future. people never expected lsrp to outdo world in terms of features they just wanted more of an emphasis on illegal RP and better staff
  6. it's nice of you, as an admin, to try and belittle my experience like this. very professional! and fyi i've played LSRP since 2009, and have had multiple XMRs through my time on the server so i'm fully aware of how it all works thanks. your idea that easier access to URL streaming will diminish DJ RP came off as very gatekeepery, especially when you plan to rp a DJ yourself. we don't all revolve around your niche form of roleplay and there's dozens of other applications for widened XMR usage - something entirely possible now with correct sanitation and checks hell, put the ability to stream directly from different URLs behind a paywall for all i care but if we take this approach that everything must be babied by admins 24/7 then nothing is gonna get implemented
  7. ngl players not knowing the difference between live mixing and a YT playlist sounds like a you issue. punishing them by restricting access to a popular feature just so you can rp a DJ better is selfish as fuck sanitize inputs properly and give players a quick-client side toggle to mute stations. other communities do this just fine and if a beloved server with dozens of admins and testers cant find the time to teleport to someone playing explicit content, listen for 5 second, ban them and then leave then idk lol the most obvious solution is to just have a place on the UCP you can upload custom streams to and have testers/admins/or even a selection of hand picked players hop on to accept/verify which i think is whats gonna happen anyways
  8. streaming urls directly is never gna happen but players should still have the possibility of buying their own stations through a UCP interface
  9. 7-11 PM dusk, 11-3/4am night and 3/4 AM-7 PM day. this way the night is shortened for american players allowing them access to day earlier, and players on at peak get to experience dusk -> night which is the most important time of day but actual time should b represented through GMT
  10. the performance worries stem from people not knowing the difference between server streamed objects and DLCs. the YBN map has no impact on server performance because its a purely client-side addition, and if its made to similar R* quality in terms of topology it won't have FPS issues either. it's a DLC RAGE forces your game to load before you play - that's it. on the other hand, typical mapping should be avoided as much as possible because the performance costs on RAGE are way heavier - you can't get away with spamming hundreds of objects server-side like you could on SAMP. on World there are notoriously laggy businesses that can't function if like 50-100 players enter as for the map? while big there's not much variety at all. east LS is nearly all industrial and u dont really get the feeling you did on SAMP. i really do think sprucing up these areas by expanding residential houses into removed/revamped industrial zones would benefit the server immensely. parks, schools, public housing and projects would add so much to the atmosphere and would only require people to download a DLC once when they launch the server people will see (especially gangs) that rping next to 7 factories with nothing nearby is pretty boring unless like previously stated they move into historically incorrect places just to get better amenities
  11. it wouldnt even be hard to map in invisible walls and a landscape. its done all the time in video games n is more than possible in GTA 5. you can ignore the south and west coast n just put down some standard terrain with low LOD mountain scapes in the background pragmatic solution but i doubt the developers would want to invest resources into something like that definitely let players use their imagination and roleplay it as mainland though it just makes more sense. setting a precedent where you can only roleplay what u see is not a good road to go down
  12. lets hope they bite the bullet and separate genders this time
  13. if you think about it all this stems from how valuable weapons and drugs were on the old server. people wouldn't be doing everything in their power to protect these assets if they weren't something special 2 begin with. maybe resource scarcity should be solved so people dont have ooc attachments to their goods?
  14. now that implementation makes a lot more sense. i'm more than happy for high-stake games to be guarded by script features which only OC factions have access to - it solves a lot of issues i do agree exist. implying a grounded economy i should be able to play for a couple hundred to a few thousand with friends, privately, without having to know LCN associates or a guy who knows a guy anything beyond that? yeah, sure - a group who enforces payout and ensures protection is a matter of realism
  15. but that isnt the original idea now, is it? (read the first line of OP's post) dirk wants to prohibit script gambling for everyone (except cherry picked OC leaders), so please tell me how criminalizing an entire area of roleplay, and limiting it to a select few (through the script), isnt an admin system? especially when it rests on the idea that everyone else can't be trusted cuz theyre dogshit rpers?? so i take it uve revised your earlier post and stand against dirk's idea then? since you don't want to introduce script limitations? you should probably modify your earlier statement 2 make sure!
  16. i concede that i caricatured illegal gambling to some extent but based on how lsrp was in the past, i genuinely believe thats how it would play out given the suggestion above. monopolizing a key feature behind a select few OCNs just screams bad idea, especially when OP's thread is built on the pretence that its there to regulate shitty civilian roleplayers. i hate pseudo admin systems and they have a history of not working. disallowing private civilian games? sure, i'm on board with, but denying the ability to gamble at a licensed casino? idk it seems like a power complex. OP is under the impression that banning gambling of all kinds will push civilian roleplayers into the illegal world and improve quality, which i categorically disbelieve. we could instead go down a route where admins are more stringent about rp within casinos and pursue people who dont meet standards
  17. locking gambling behind a subset of factions given the power to regulate who can and cant play? no thanks if you want to gamble illegally in the backroom of a front then do it, nobody is stopping you. the idea that illegal gambling never happened on old lsrp because civilian gambling was too prevalent is a massive copout. you dont need IFM holding your hand in order for you to setup behind the scenes gambling networks people arent chilling out the backs of laundromats smoking their cuban cigars waiting for the door to open so they can gamble with their friends lol all you're doing is artificially limiting access to a script so you have psuedo power as an organized crime faction. theres abs nothing stopping you from doing any of this while pre-existing legal establishments exist
  18. i don't know why mmartin is so reluctant to add skin mixing and more customizable options like ped skins. like if you've watched his stream he keeps saying there's more than enough variation already but if you've played gta 5 rp for longer than an hour you'll know that isnt the case at all for example the asian tones are either green or homer simpson yellow. they look awful. the ability to mix is needed + not having parent names in the UI sucks cuz people generally make their character from a select few which look good
  19. who cares if inexperienced players join the server? the whole lsrp being a safe haven for cracked rpers is what partly ran it into the ground in the first place. i mean i distinctly remember some of the most renowned factions helping out noobs by putting them on the right path. ec, pec1 and even some of the LCNs (which many people looked up to) let noobs develop through interactions with their factions and id say the majority of DM stems from disgruntled and bored players, rather than inexperienced ones. filtering them out through an application process is next 2 impossible so we should just let staff do their thing and punish anyone who runs around breaking the immersion. erring on the side of caution isnt always the best move. iirc back in the day we (as testers) were told that the application and quiz process is less about culling noobs and more about removing bad actors - players who ban evade, have a history of rule breaking and want to intentionally ruin the experience of others
  20. yeah, it's a little concerning how everything is being split up and compartmentalized into tiny departments where stuff is handled privately. the server is already extremely regulated (again) and im afraid the launch is going to be a lacklustre experience for anyone who wasnt cherry picked, or already friends with people in the in-crowd imo management really need to focus on development instead of divvying out responsibilities to 30 different people. have a grace period at the start of the server where things are easier to obtain, then think about stringent regulation later when you know whos who, and whats what. give factions the benefit of the doubt and let them have access to basic weaponry and drugs off the get go, without needing to jump through hoops businesses, weapons, guns and a strong mix of players are vital for a server launch of this stature, and locking it all away behind heaps of paperwork and nut cupping just isnt a good idea - especially during the server's most important week. you can always ban or punish dmers/shitty rpers, but you cant magically bring back high value players frustrated with their lack of access to basic necessities feels like there needs to be someone in the staff team who exists solely to tell micro managers to relax cuz coming up with these convoluted systems will always lead to a lack of communication
  21. i mean there are xml parsing libraries specifically created to counter exploits so its not impossible
  22. yekim

    Weapon and Drug Schemes

    excuse my scepticism but what separates this from the old strawman system? is the weapon scheme going to end up like its old friend by becoming a lucrative group whos membership is afforded only to a select few, while the rest have to blow mafia recruits and fight for scraps? why do it on a strict case-by-case basis? you could just give admittance to groups that dont break rules and allow them to buy basic weapons instead of falling into the same old pattern of constant regulation its already been proven that factions cant be trusted to distribute weapons properly. what about grey characters that arent in illegal factions but still wanna engage in criminal rp? there's never going to be an incentive for somebody to sell them firearms when they can hand them out to their faction members n ooc friends instead if u dont see the issue with having 1 guy (the faction leader) applying to the scheme, and then giving him the guns with the expectation of proper distribution then idk what to say lol 7 years of samp went out of the window
  23. please this. SAN was horrible because it was used as a gift, by admins - bestowed to people deemed reputable enough in the community (usually their friends) and the players who joined organically got kicked every few months when it inevitably switched hands just make a broadcasting system and reward channels to media factions who perform well
  24. what customization experience? the vast majority of freemode blendshapes look horrible and are completely unviable for character design. if u go on world or another popular server you'll come across the same 10 faces and hairstyles because while yes, there are a plethora of choices, most of them suck ass and only a few combinations end up being used anyways adding ped skins widens the avenue for community based modding, something which had an undeniable impact on lsrp's growth in the samp era. its an advantage you shouldnt throw away just because it hinders development for a while. there are limitations when it comes to modding the freemode ped, limitations which could be bypassed by implementing regular peds. here are some benefits: unique and personal character designs which stem from the modding ecosystem custom skeletons/yfts so characters can represent height, age and weight better. custom animations can also utilise these unique yfts which opens up the potential for unseen features. an example of this would be making a wheelchair, using the ped system, with a unique skeleton, that can be animated and synced with a character and work perfectly. you could also use this to have ped props, and animate them in great detail interoperability with rage - addon peds are very easy to implement (pretty much drag and drop) theyre very modular in design (a modder can easily export a ped, add or edit a clothing/body variation, then put it back in the game) bypass freemode limitations (like the game crushing all racial textures to 1mb dxt5) which prevents high quality modding of faces etc i really do think its something with untapped potential and itd be a shame to have it thrown on the backburner like world
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