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  1. Whilst I appreciate a lot of us have come from San Andreas Multiplayer we will not be returning to SA-MP unfortunately, a lot of us have come from SA-MP and do miss those days but the platform that we will be remaining on is Rage MP.
  2. Hi everyone, As we progress towards the highly anticipated new year the LSRP Leadership team has been diligently working to refine and enhance our server operations. In our pursuit of efficiency and improved user experience, we've decided to combine certain sub-teams where their functions naturally intersect. Staff Update Congratulations to our newly promoted staff members that was promoted throughout December. Junior Admin -> Game Admin Izumi bobster Trainee Admin -> Junior Admin Daidough Tester -> Senior Tester wdmcnr Development Update Development Team Last week, we added three new developers to the team. I'd like to extend a warm welcome to jack, danut, and stringer. Good luck, and I'm looking forward to see what you guys bring to the server, together with the rest of our development team. Rule Changelog [Server Rules] - Characters participating in a robbery or scam must be level 5 or higher. Players that are lower than level 5 cannot be the sole target of a robbery or scam. If a player that is lower than level 5 is in a group with players of a higher level, + Characters participating in a robbery or scam must be level 3 or higher. Players that are lower than level 3 cannot be the sole target of a robbery or scam. If a player that is lower than level 3 is in a group with players of a higher level, they cannot have any assets taken during a robbery or scam but must participate in the roleplay surrounding it. If an administrator feels that a player lower than this level is taking unfair or malicious advantage of their exemption, they can punish at their own discretion. - You can rob a maximum of $500 from a player. This limit will be removed in the future when the community is familiar with the economy and how banking features work. + There is no limit to the amount of money taken during a robbery. - You can scam a maximum of $10,000 from a player. + You can scam a maximum of $25,000 from a player. There is no limit to how many weapons and drugs you can rob. You are not allowed to kill a player while or after robbing/scamming them unless they bring it upon themselves by showing attitude or non-compliance. If you have been robbed or scammed, you are allowed to rob back the things you have lost. Major Update 1.8 The release of Major Update 1.8, we are all excited to announce the release of the beloved Major Update 1.8.0 which entails the changelog below. I would like to personally thank @java, @ImperiumXVII and @jack for their continued support with the development side of things over the last month or so. Additions & changes New interaction UI (weapon wheel/action wheel) Pets and animal AI Weapons attached to the body Packaging drugs into ziploc bags and other containers Throwing objects and associated physics World item handling and associated item highlighting UI Physical placing of items into vehicles New handling for items controlled by aiming (camera, spraycan, etc) Attached object handling systems Ability to set the maximum number of people that can use /startshift per company Range check to /servedrink Model checks for more helicopters to /helo UCP <=> game company management panel interaction Hiding world text (i.e. death overheads, /ame) by pressing F7 Code to disable combat rolling in most cases Ability to type in chat while in /stats K9 liveries for law enforcement factions Danut object pack in furniture Mouse map pack in furniture UCP turf map Changed social security pay from $300 to $500 Removed Tapering (Increases expected income by ~66%) Bug fixes Fixed a bug that would charge taxi passengers before reaching their destination Fixed /factions and /companies not displaying in order Fixed /offersuspension Fixed falling to death when spawning in a custom interior Fixed /fixsiren leaving you stranded in your own little world Fixed occasional popup error when dirt is applied to a vehicle Fixed occasional popup error when a player has a custom walk style Community Update On Tapering We have gone ahead and removed tapering to come in line with the suggestions that have been provided by you all. We expect approximately a 66% increase with the removal of tapering and this will be closely monitored over the weeks, and months to come. We have also taken the time to increase social security from $300 up to $500 to come in line with tapering being removed. Commerce and Estate Team We're thrilled to announce the formation of the Commerce and Estate Team, a fusion of the Property Team and Company Team. This new team, currently staff-only, aims to streamline and enhance our approach to properties and businesses within the game. Leading the charge is @Superb, supported by a dynamic council consisting of @Caledonite, @CYBER, and @Sparkles. Their proactive approach is already evident, with a survey for company owners and another for company members launching soon. This will provide valuable insights to better cater to our business-oriented players. Additionally, they've restructured the forum sections, integrating business pages into City Life for a more cohesive experience. The Commerce and Estate Team's mission is to simplify property related processes for all server members. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome, so don't hesitate to reach out to them. We're also aware of certain missing properties in the city and are actively working on a platform for players to help us identify these gaps. Our goal is to address these before rolling out mortgage properties, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone. Community Engagement Team Another exciting development is the merging of the Player Support Team and Communications Team into the Community Engagement Team. This new team, which will be led by @wdmcnr with support from @kaibr and @Sparkles, is open to non-staff members. If you're passionate about creating videos or graphic content, we encourage you to apply and be a part of our creative journey. Sparkles will be focusing on Player Focus, a vital role dedicated to amplifying player feedback, support, and overall experience. This role is the bridge between our players and the development team, ensuring your voices are heard and addressed and she will be leading the Feature Documentation page to help the bridge between development and the players. Kaibr will be spearheading Player Retention, concentrating on strategies to keep you engaged and immersed in LSRP. This involves understanding player behavior, developing loyalty programs, and crafting engaging content and events. Expect a more vibrant social media presence, with regular updates on our YouTube and TikTok channels. We're also keen on featuring player-generated content. If you have TikTok or YouTube content showcasing LSRP, let us know! We'll be keeping an eye on the #media channel on our Discord for potential features in our blog posts and video icons. Modding Team Since the last community update we took on some new Modding members and they've hit the ground running. We're currently in the process of optimizing our clothing mod packs so we don't run into issues if another GTA update is released. We were hit with issues on the last one and want to ensure it doesn't happen again, this won't change or affect you as a end user, but gives us more security. We are happy to also say that with @jack's efforts in fixing our DLC packs after the recent mod-breaking GTA V update, we have now included map and furniture packs from both @danut and @Mouse Use the following links to view the pack showcases https://imgur.com/a/vDKZIip https://imgur.com/a/MIyhFO1 We've updated our law enforcement faction vehicles for the highly anticipated K9 scripts, be sure to keep an eye out for them while playing. You'll see more custom content moving into 2024 as we ramp up our efforts to bring more customisability to our player base. Be reminded, if modding is your thing then we're looking for you to join our team, be sure to check out our application form and send a application in here! Mapping Team The mapping team has added a few new members since the last update. The team is currently working on adding more shell houses for players to use. Additionally, the team is working on customizing apartment complexes. The goal is that each complex will have a unique interior, with a unique apartment interior assigned to each apartment inside the complex. If you have experience with the furniture system, the team is always looking for more applicants here. Illegal Faction Team Update The Illegal Faction Team has been hard at work this past month on updating guidelines and reworking the current schemes. Weapon Scheme Rework We decided to change how the weapon scheme worked to balance out the playing field for those who held it and for those who wish to hold it. From the start of the server we only allowed max 5 factions at a time hold the weapon scheme, but that is no longer in play. We have opened up opportunities for smaller factions or less established factions play a role into the weapon economy. Small Weapon Supplier This will be for Solo scheme and factions that apply for it. Semi-Auto pistols and shotguns only 30 BetaCoins/month for faction | 20 BC/month for Solo Keeps 5 per shipment (solo can keep 2) Weapon Supplier All access except ARs. Assault Rifles will be given to Verified+ factions Must select 5 weapons they wish to sell 75 BC/month (Max 40 pistols per shipment) Back Alley Scheme Introducing our new scheme, the Back Alley Scheme will let factions apply for a property where they can perform medical roleplay and avoiding law enforcement at the hospitals. This will be a very strict scheme to get into and those applying must have a solid background and reasoning/plans for how they will use this scheme. Factions who apply and are accepted will be monitored closely to ensure no abuse it taken place. Rules and guidelines will be explained in the scheme's application thread. Character Kill Applications Character Kill applications have been finalized and will be posted within the Rules of Engagement as well as the application posted under Faction Information. Character Kills are not faction only, and can be requested by anyone for anyone. Reasonings have to be grand and make sense for a Character Kill application to be accepted. If accepted, whoever was requested will receive a warning. The warning will keep the requester's identity anonymous. Verified & Official Perks The perks for Verified and Official factions have been updated. Verified Factions Perks If part of a scheme (drugs or guns) they will be granted 15 more BetaCoins per month aside from what they already have from their scheme. Ability to send a request to the Modding Team for a shirt, server-wise, visible to all the players. (Motorcycle Clubs support shirts, various shirts for different companies / factions for events) A scripted faction for the faction members to be /invited. Ability for the faction members to grant spray cans. Ability for the faction's leadership to request a Faction Property. Ability for the faction's leadership to request a Faction Vehicle. Official Factions Perks If part of a scheme (drugs or guns) they will be granted 25 more BetaCoins per month aside from what they already have initially from their scheme.. Ability for the faction's leadership to request multiple Faction Properties. Ability for the faction's leadership to request multiple Faction Vehicles. Ability for the faction to request an extra scheme on top of what they already have. All the other perks from the Verified status. Note: These perks can be modified at any given moment with Illegal Faction Team Council's discretion. Faction Stimulus Previously announced in the IFT Update, we are working on a process to help newer factions get set up. This will only last for a limited time, and more details will be posted in it's own separate announcement. Closing Your Voice Matters: January Survey to come. As 2023 comes to a close, we will be launching the January Survey towards LS-RP 2.0. We want to take the feedback into consideration, and with three new developments joining the team, we believe that we can deliver new and steady features. If you submit a survey and include your UCP name, you will be entered into a raffle draw to potentially earn 1,000 credits, which will go hand in hand with the new pet feature that's a premium feature! Stay Tuned for More We're committed to continually enhancing your experience on LSRP and these changes are just the beginning. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being a part of our community!
  3. I understand the frustration this has caused, as I can admit that since Sal has left there has been a lack of context from the communications team, I have been working alongside them to try and produce a new server trailer. @wdmcnr has been given access to TikTok and Instagram to try and push some content to the social media side of things as a marketing point of view. I know Wdmcnr has recently become busy with work, which is extremely bad timing considering he took over the role in November. We are delegating the access down to @kaibr who should be able to assist with the marketing side of things. Moving onto the economy side of things, we have made mistakes since the launch regarding the economy the whole vision and aim was to have a realistic economy which to be frank. Has not worked at all, and has made people refuse to log in-game. That's why we have made the decision to remove tapering and increase welfare and hopefully bring people back in-game, I know we have caused more harm than good. This should be showcased in 1.8.0 once the final bits of development are complete. I have been fairly busy with in-real life and there's no excuse but we do have some plans to try and get things back up and running via the teams, and hopefully get some new structure in place. I've already been in discussions with Property Team, Company Team to try and merge them together to produce a team called the Commerce and Estate Team which will be implemented in time for 1.8.0 with purchasable properties script which will also, include a council. I have been in contact with the Communication Team to try and give it a bit of a revamp with a sort of council so it isn't relying on one person to push marketing, but we are going to be looking at three people to try and keep the communication side of things alive and focusing on different areas of the servers needs which will be known as the Community Engagement Team. More stuff to follow within the coming weeks. If you do have any queries, my discord messages are always open.
  4. Hey mate, thank you for this will take this on board and divert them to the relevant areas - any other people? Illegal scene needs work definitely, what can we do?
  5. We do need to look at ways to bring some players back, it's a vicious circle. Illegal factions aren't logging in, which is resulting in PD/SD not logging on and then companies aren't logging on as there's nobody coming to their properties which is not great. We need to look at ways to encourage people to come back, and try and expand as much as possible. What's missing from the illegal scene and what would you all improve within that area script wise.
  6. Hello all, As we bid farewell to a great November, filled with incredible updates, it's time to dive into festive season, welcome to December's Update! We will be going over a multitude of topics, from development highlights to IFM enhancements, Companies' updates, and the latest from our Events Staff. There's a lot in store. Modding Team The modding team is working to bring more mods to he server, whether it's clothes, vehicles, or anything else from a modding perspective. If you know how to mod, Jack is currently recruiting more modders - you can find information on joining the team here. Development Throughout this month, we had many updates that players have been asking for. We are working with the Communications Team to get Feature Documentation out on the new features. In the future, these documentations will come out with the features to make this process more user friendly. A peak at some of what we've had this month Mapping Team The mapping team has been working through existing requests from legal factions and in October & November they have worked on City Hall, Public Works HQ, Sleeping Quarters and Air Ops HQ for FD, Gang Field Office for PD, and Parole Offices for Corrections. The team has also streamlined a process for companies to ask for assistance with mapping, and for the events team to ask for mapping. The team's next projects will be working on adding more server sided interiors for people to choose from, as well as starting the rework of complex interiors. If you have an idea of interiors you'd like to be able to request, feel free to post on this topic. If you have any other ideas as far as mapping, feel free to reach out to @Sparkles directly on discord or forum PM. The mapping team is looking to make new requestable interiors for players, and would love feedback on what you want to see. Legal Faction Management Legal Faction Management has formed a new team called Government Management. This team will be tasked with taking part in various discussions set out by legal faction management, including reports against those legal factions, taking steps to ensure the quality of legal factions is increased for everyone involved (including illegal faction teams), and actively providing accurate advice to legal faction members and leaders when requested. The team has a few questions in the December survey, including whether or not community members would be interested in a larger survey about different legal factions. These results will be anonymized and information given in summary format to the legal factions. Illegal Faction Mangement (IFM) The IFM team is deeply engaged in restructuring the perks for faction statuses (verified/official), refining the faction team's handbook and criteria for verified factions, and redesigning the assignment of betacoins, varying amounts for different faction types. They are also tweaking the solo schemes (weapon/drugs) and working on enabling factions to implement their mods into the server. Furthermore, IFM are developing a back alley scheme for faction properties, facilitating medical roleplay without hospital visits, and reducing the time needed for factions to apply for statuses (verified/official). Lastly for now, they are also implementing the robbery of ATM fillers through scenario schemes. Company Team Company Owners can now request liveries to be added in game to be used by their company. These need approval from both company team and modding team. The Company Team has added the ability for active companies to be able to request vehicles free of charge, up to four vehicles, to be used by their company members. There will be a new company contract coming soon, with everyone being given the opportunity to apply for it. More details will be coming soon from The Company Team, so keep an eye out. Business leasing applications will be re-opening in early December, for both active and passive schemes. If you are a faction and you're dependent on a certain business, you can send in an application to head of companies at any time, even if the business leasing applications are closed. @Superb, who has recently taken head of companies, encourages players to reach out with any issues or suggestions for the company system. If players wish to remain anonymous, there is a question about the Company Team in the December survey. Events Team As mentioned in the events update, the Events Team held four events in November - Day of the Dead, Veterans Day, Kart Car-nival, and Thanksgiving. For December, the team has Coffee with First Responders on the 2nd, and are in the planning stage of two Christmas Events. There's a question in the survey about your thoughts on the November Events. The results from the November survey about what events players want to see were shared with the team, and they are working to make those a reality. In the meantime be sure to fill out the December Survey! https://forms.gle/p7Zj4FeChKeURkPk6 Staff Update Congratulations to our newly promoted staff members ... Senior Admin almightybounter Psycho Game Admin bobster Junior Admin Izumi MikeDawg Trainee Admin Zaw Daidough zUgg Caledonite Helius Tester ChandanW danut Dat_block Fantasia Endri Stinkywinky badhbh CYBER HydraPlayer java Sparkles Welcome back to our returning staff members ... Senior Tester celestine (Genny) Tester PrOxyy Junior Tester Deceive Chester Campbell Thank you A heartfelt thank you to everyone for their incredible dedication throughout November. Your in game presence and excitement has allowed for an amazing month. Here's to an exciting December ahead, filled with new challenges and even more exciting times. Credits to Communications Team for assistance with the monthly update via the communication methods.
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