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  1. I see no reason why we need to implement a rule or create such rule to limit RPers who do this stuff. Just don't do it in public where some people won't be comfortable with it and it should just be fine.
  2. I'd say keep it as it was before, if the player is online it will stay spawned unless v parked. If they're offline , Despawn on the hour if not in use.
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  6. Haven't dealt with situations like this personally, people hate to lose so in most cases we'll be called. Some people pounch on people when they suspect when it's a stash car and with some people not knowing they're being watched get themselves into that situation of the /b spawn it spam from time to time. Like I said before with the whole inventory script coming around and the ability of storing stuff in items. I'm kind of on the fence about 'stash cars' as it's something we should try to move away from. That's just my opinion though.
  7. I mean, on a rp server where you're constantly using your keyboard and stuff to type and use commands. I don't see why it would be that essential to use but not against it either. if you have quick hands to switch between your controller and keyboard to type go for it honestly.
  8. Kind of on the fence about this , I believe this was a good use while on SAMP due to the lack of storage options that existed. But hiding your assets and stuff in a car that's not spawned isn't the way I think we should go. Ultimately removing the whole 'stash car' mentality.
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  12. Characters. No real point in having more than one UCP account.
  13. Ajail for 2 hours isn't that short honesty to be quiet honest, in most cases what I would usually do is speak to the player in question. See if they think their actions were justified give them a chance to 1) Re-rp properly or 2) see what their mistake was so they can better from it. If it wasn't you will be punished accordingly. I personally have punished players for poor RP because they wanted to avoid IC consequences. You know what happened they got both jailed icly and admin jailed. We as server administration try to educate our players when they've done wrong and help them understand how to better themselves rather than just straight out punish them. So again forcing CKs is probably not the path we want to venture here. Yes.
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