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  1. i got a gtx 1050 ti and ryzen 5 3600x can confirm it runs well on rage but ram is also important minimum 16 for rage
  2. you'll be able to select a parent you want the skin tone from so lets say you have evan and charlotte as your two parents you can still choose niko's skin tone for your character
  3. holaa.


    ofc its duckling who makes the fortnite thread
  4. ytou wont be able to see name tags through walls and it wont be like John_Jackson or whatever nor wil lyou be able to see them when the othe rplayer is crouched etc
  5. it wont be a thing it was already said 30 times in the discord
  6. why you talking to urself lol
  7. anyone been playing it? pretty fun
  8. Riakporhe v Durodola was meh marku another great performance
  9. sad got like 15 levels on them lmao need 10 more for the asian mommy
  10. i love the xp lobbies lmao
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