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  1. has not gone un noticed brah tsk tsk tsk
  2. L/A, nvm Need baccaz terribly!!! All the baccaz!
  3. in Sha Allah, we will be the Greatest Black Car to ever exist
  4. Get that application going habib @Wavy
  5. My bad if I interpreted it in a different way as you said you've never seen it done on LSRP. Honestly I think the roleplay as a whole surrounding Sureno RP and Norteno RP changed after 2016 or so on SAMP LSRP. It went from making historic factions from LA or up north to these weird ass lowkey DMer squads of gangs that didn't even exist. Some factions had wild and outlandish names, I found most of these were the Norteno factions and they didn't focus much on RP and only liked shooting turfs up and repping the 14 or 13.
  6. shoutout from big lobo essay
  7. Great point @largehazard I honestly see no harm in letting Nortenos be on the server, I know the competitive server prevents them from flourishing. I remember a few Norteno gangs in Fort Carson on SAMP LSRP but nothing really elevated to prominence. It's just crucial that people understand the cultural gang differences between LA influenced Surenos and those from upstate. The violence carried out by Surenos isn't just found in LA but all over the state and they did have continual conflicts. I actually enjoyed seeing Norteno RP in SAMP as it was something unique, and refreshing. I remember roleplaying in a Sureno faction that had a beef with a Norteno gang and lowkey I admired watching their DM videos. I thoroughly believe this server can handle the management of these factions as LSRP has quite the long history with illegal gang roleplay. It just all depends on how the leaders can portray something unique to the upstate Norteno vibe.
  8. missed the watts ryders VS benjamin crew beefs and the massive W by masch1na
  9. should be roleplay northern SA as NorCal and southern LS as SoCal. It's really that simple
  10. joined in 2010, current ucp from 2012
  11. There are roleplay servers in SAMP still. Singleplayer RP just rebranded into something new. But to be honest, the people that play it are cringe as fuck and it honestly isn't worth it. Cop chase and that's it lol
  12. my culos always happy when you're way up in it
  13. had a crush on homebwoy, got a lil bit jealous omey but im over it ese haha vato..... out in the boulevard ese bumpin my fuckin music omey, all of a sudden this car fulla baldies pull up on tha side of me. .... look at the backseat, see this fine as vato in the backseat daydreaming homie ... he giggling lil, flirting, said wassup and i winked at em back! i was so into the guy in the back seat that the driver @LowDowns was like why you flirting wit my vato in the backseat?! i said i dunno, he flirting wit me too n im looking for a vato n shit ... told me he din like it less pull over n handle our bidness.... we on the floor rolling around, like a luh wrestling match n shit ........ the foo managed to scratch me in my face, but that's how dat beef started homie... started over a vato named @Wavy but i got enough man booty so i aint tripping vato
  14. @KnownAlmighty @Quicky @DowDaw @Mikee @Mitcholodolo this onez for la raza n the hsg homeys from dreelawardt
  15. Valhalla Roleplay on Multi Theft Auto. Roleplayed in Seville Saints and LD13
  16. @propeller___ @Wavy @LowDowns @StrayShots5150
  17. fuck them other foos ese ..... fuck da redz omey ..... real shit ...... rip big lobo da real chankla killa omey keepin it real in da calles real shit ....... fuck the faketeens omey !
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