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  1. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo Yeah, 30-30 Yeah, you know how we rockin', nigga Walk up, smoke a nigga Just like a cigarette Only headshots 'cause the aim on sick-a-wreck And I don't make diss tracks, 'cause that shit direct A drill-drill, sit back, and watch the beef digest Whip, whip, whip that, hand in the pyrex All my niggas been sick, we been had the virus Opps plus opps equal more opps to minus Yeah, you know how we rockin', man, 30-30, man Yeah, lah, lah, lah Wass Gang, nigga You come around, nigga, you ain't leaving, nigga Gang, gang Goofies, they ain't even squeezing shit
  2. fuck snoochies nigga!
  3. no aim havin ass bwoaaa
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