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  1. This is a poor reason in my opinion. I agree that it's a tricky issue for the LSSD to get around, but I don't believe our entire geographical lore should be based around the jurisdiction of a single law enforcement faction. I disagreed with GTAW taking this stance. I believe it's much more important for us to have the possibility of Northern California-style illegal factions open (which doesn't only include Norteños but several other varieties too). Obviously we are all going to have different opinions on which of these should be sacrificed, but I believe the decision affects those illegal factions much more. My suggestion for the LSSD would be to roleplay being contracted out to provide law enforcement services in Blaine County, which in turn can be roleplayed as a large county that connects the southern and northern regions of the state (as some California counties are huge). The LASD is the largest sheriff's department in the country and covers very broad and confusing jurisdictions in real life, so I believe this should be an easy thing for them to roleplay. Your suggestion is plausible, but in my opinion it's much simpler this way. Then only the LSSD has to worry about roleplaying its own lore and jurisdictional mandate and the rest of us can just roleplay Blaine County existing. This is much simpler considering Blaine County exists in-game, plus everyone who plays GTA V already knows it and considers the northern part of the map as Blaine County. If we were instead to roleplay it all as Los Santos County, that's an extra layer of pretending and imagining that everyone has to do and ultimately it's always easier to go with the simplest possible option. This is also the reason that when chuckles and I were discussing this stuff before the thread was posted, and the possibility was raised of adding a fictional county to cover how different the northern part of the map is, we decided to just go with making it Blaine County instead. It's far simpler, which for something as broad as this is always the preferable option.
  2. Thanks for this. The only thing I really knew about their culture is exactly what you pointed out, they're more "black influenced" because that's the style in NorCal. But they also make a point of distinguishing themselves from Norteños so I think they try to "Latinize" some things up to be different, and more like Sureños.
  3. This is a good point yes. This is the time to set these baseline standards and make choices though. You don't want to be dealing with the headache of juggling irl information with IC history later on, which always results in a mess, as happened on SAMP and GTAW to a lesser extent.
  4. Most organized arms dealing, as roleplayed by factions, is the sale of stolen legal firearms or firearms purchased in poorly regulated transactions in gun states. The profit margin is significant, as criminals and gangs will pay several times the legal sale price for an unregistered firearm they can use in crimes. If you're selling firearms outside the bounds of the law, you are an arms dealer or arms trafficker rather than a legal gun seller. Arms trafficking can be divided into two basic categories: state and federal. California state arms trafficking charges are generally less serious - all you have really done is sell a locally acquired firearm without a license or without conducting the proper background checks. For this you may be sentenced to six months in county jail or fined, with more serious consequences for aggravating factors (e.g. prior trafficking convictions). Federal arms trafficking is much more serious, and applies more to most roleplayed weapons dealing. An arms dealing incident is made federal by transporting the weapons across state lines, which is how the bulk of guns used in California crimes enter circulation. Arizona and Nevada are major weapons shipment points, being gun states in which large amounts of firearms can be acquired in legally murky or outright illegal gun sales and also being states which border California, where those weapons can be sold for several times their retail value. The penalties for federal offences increase sharply, to a maximum of 10 years in federal prison and much more extensive fines. In addition most people who engage in these activities are already convicted felons prohibited from possessing firearms, which carries an extra five years. 320. Illegal Sale, Lease, or Transfer of a Firearm is the LSRP penal code entry for arms trafficking. It's a low-end felony. 324. Illegal Distribution of Ammunition will probably also come up. Between these two charges, being stacked (or multiplied) by the amount of arms and ammunition you're selling, your character is looking at heavy time. If your character is convicted of major arms trafficking you should probably also roleplay a more serious federal conviction, assuming you're roleplaying interstate transactions. I suggest this for 'realism' purposes, as any major arms trafficker irl is investigated by a federal taskforce and usually ends up with heavy sentences. Ultimately it's up to you though. Typically people are only ever charged with weapons possession on these servers, as arms dealing investigations are rarely done, so I don't see this particular issue coming up much. But you should be aware of the potential consequences your character faces and how serious arms trafficking is taken in a gun restricted state like California (and therefore San Andreas). There's also 319. Manufacture of a Destructive Device or Prohibited Weapon, covering fabricated weapons and arms conversion devices, which is a newer trend in arms trafficking. Shmoe has covered this here. In regards to your actual roleplay, you have a couple of options. This is assuming you are a faction member who is selling weapons directly acquired by your faction from the 'scheme' and you're unsure how to roleplay this. Generally speaking these guns will have crossed the state border, so you can either roleplay being that level of arms trafficker yourself or you can roleplay having acquired your weapons from somebody who specializes in this as their criminal 'profession'. From there your roleplay is a simple question of actually selling the guns on to other characters. I would suggest some people experiment with roleplaying a dedicated arms trafficker, as most people involved in this business do it 'professionally'. Weapons dealing in real life, unlike on roleplay servers, is much less profitable than drug dealing so the only people who seriously profit from it are those who specialize in it. Criminal organizations have constant easy access to firearms and do not really prioritize it as a business, as is done in roleplay. NB: You should not roleplay internationally 'smuggled' weapons, as is sometimes done, particularly by European factions. This does not happen, unless for some reason somebody has gotten their hands on a massive shipment of weapons somewhere and it's worth taking the risk to smuggle them into the United States for sale. The U.S. is the biggest gun country in the world - guns come from there, they are not smuggled there. International arms trafficking in the United States goes the other way, into Canada and Mexico. Your guns will be from the U.S., probably a gun state like Arizona, New Mexico or Texas. I hope this will be informative for some people who might not be familiar with how arms trafficking actually works in places like California.
  5. Some of it's a big deal, some of it is trivial (like the use of city names). This mostly stemmed from the official ruling that we were to rp San Andreas as an island, which I considered a big deal. A lot of the rest of it is inconsequential or not that important but we might as well have some general set standards on what to rp while we're having this discussion
  6. I assume the disconnect occurred in different rp communities. The illegal rp community has been roleplaying very California-focused for years now. I guess it just wasn't a problem before that people had different experiences. Anyway this is why we needed to have this discussion - incidentally, this development was also why GTAW took this type of approach. One of the few times illegal rpers were catered to actually
  7. This is the strange disconnect that has been referred to here. A lot of us had very different experiences on LSRP. We started to roleplay San Andreas as a more-or-less exact replacement of California around 2016-2017. And we're surprised to learn people have different recollections.
  8. My thinking with the island/coasts thing is just you have to simply not think about it. The state is only an island for game design purposes, the fact that it's an island is never mentioned in GTA V because it isn't - it's a California replacement. The east coast of the island has nothing important whatsoever on it anyway, if I recall, except a couple of unimportant coves maybe? The west coast of the island, which is the accurate one, is where the beachfront communities and the coastline drives are. The east coast is mostly out of view because of the mountains, which may have been Rockstar's way of addressing this very issue. As for the north coast at Paleto Bay, either pretend it makes sense or roleplay that it's a bay, as the name suggests it is. You can easily have a town with water to its north if you're on a bay.
  9. This is basically why it's preferable to rp the GTA name but the irl history. Irl history, culture and trivia is known and can be researched and roleplayed about ig, just using the changed names.
  10. This is the important point about GTA universe locations, yeah. It's just a changed name. Everything else about it reflects its irl history. This is how I always rped it, and I think most people did too
  11. thanks for the discussion so far, it's encouraging to see interest and enthusiasm on this. I think one thing we can probably say from this point is that the GTA universe location names (San Fierro, Liberty City etc) should be used as alternatives for their irl counterparts. I remember that was always the general majority opinion and I can't say I ever disagreed as for the point on brands and using them if they exist in the universe, I'd say I do agree but also that it gets a bit murky when you're talking about that level of interchanging and depth. GTAW's lore team ran into the problem of having to make judgements on every single little thing and it's basically a joke. I'd suggest some minor things should just be up to player discretion or preference to avoid having too many of these little lore points that everyone has to remember, and inevitably fails at doing that. I would suggest the standard of something being up to player discretion being if the subject is of no more importance than basic small talk, something that affects nothing about anyone's character. Brands are probably the best example of this I think we need to come up with an official lore thread, branched off this discussion, which is simple and clear. Certain important things have a lore 'ruling' (locations, significant history, laws) and everything else (insignificant trivia) is player discretion. I believe this is the only way we will be able to come up with some coherent server lore without getting too deep into things and having everyone asking "well what about this? can I rp this? what about that?"
  12. The Paleto Bay area (and Grapeseed) would both be similar to Bakersfield/Fresno under this. It'd be a general representation rather than a specific one, which is messy and tons of effort for not much gain. I think a list of laws which have been carried over from irl already exists somewhere.
  13. i'd say we should probably keep references about these places vague for now (i.e. not determining that they either exist, or do not exist) just to keep it simple.
  14. this is the time to bring something up if you have a strong opinion about anything here, or anything to do with lore the only issue left unresolved by this is how the LSSD is going to roleplay their jurisdiction in separate counties, but that's up to them and as a last note, Blaine County being so diverse and large isn't that weird. some counties in California are huge (Riverside, San Bernadino and Kern, which is the one we think it should represent)
  15. yeah that's pretty much how I remember it lmao
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