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  1. Might be a cool addition at some point. It just isn't needed at launch or any time soon.
  2. What kinds of mods will be allowed? I realize that it's already covered by the rules & might be practically impossible to enforce, however certain sound mods can give you an unfair advantage over other players because they're louder. Same applies to certain graphic mods which increase the brightness drastically during nighttime. Also, does this mean that ENV mods (graffiti packs, street signs, etc.) are prohibited?
  3. what i meant is rather that cringe redneck portrayal, it just doesn't happen and it looks quite stupid imo. otherwise, sure, county rp can be fun if done properly
  4. A farm sure, portaying NorCal as Alabama is a huge no-go though.
  5. There's no plans for that at this point. We might look into it at a later point after the server launch.
  6. f all you mother fers. I got validated in prison and spent over 20 years in SHU programs for serving you fools. You mother fers really are pathetic. Greasy blank Mexicans who wear their pants 5 Xs too big and can’t see beyond the world of gang banging.
  7. Huge no. It's gonna cause more issues (performance-wise) than it's worth.
  8. You probably didn't fill out some space (e.g. name, date of birth, gender) or your character backstory doesn't match the minimum sign limit.
  9. As a matter of the fact replacing the state gives your far more leeway in terms of craeting your own history. You get to choose which events you acknowledge (as I mentioned in my previous reply) instead of having to come up with them on your own. Suspension of disbelief. I believe it's not that much of an issue and we're all able to agree that it benefits the server. I agree. I believe we could just allow people to use those terms interchangeably and say that they can be recognized as nicknames for those real life cities.
  10. I agree with everything you wrote here for the most part. There's a couple small changes I'd like to see though: a) Paleto Bay should be replacing Bakersfield; b) A list of real life events applicable to the server should be established; i.e. are we allowed to acknowledge the 1992 Rodney King LA riots as a thing that happened in LS? Are we allowed to acknowledge the Rampart scandal or North Hollywood shootout, and the corruption of Lee Baca (LASD sheriff)? This has to be touched upon in order to clarify whether those occurrences can be referrenced IC or not; c) Does Cali caselaw apply on the server? I realize that this is something that concerns primarily legal (court and LEO) roleplayers & not the entirety of the server, but this is something quite important in my belief. As a matter fact they also apply to illegal roleplayers (for example Ashker v. California is a very important precedent when it comes to prison factions and SHU).
  11. That's some good ideas there. Hopefully you'll be able to bring them to life and create some cool rp opportunities for legal rpers.
  12. I'd rather they do it despite it being unrealistic over having a whole new LEO faction centered solely around this very small piece of the community. It just isn't needed in any way or form. Also, it's actually not even that unrealistic. SD can just NPC that the probation dept. exists somewhere in the background. http://pars.lasd.org/Viewer/Manuals/13233/Content/14325 LASD has probation/parole compliance teams.
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