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COD Vanguard

Freedom Fighter

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not interested

SERGEANT FELIX ENCARNACION - LSSD                                                                                                                                                



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Only thing I've ever actually liked about COD was their single player campaigns. Never cared for the multiplayer aspect of them. I skipped out on Cold War last year, not sure how I feel about Vanguard though. I might pick it up if I see it on sale, graphics do look amazing on it though.

Donald "Donnie" Perrino

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Honestly really like the MP for Vanguard, I'm really enjoying it so far and hope they bring out a decent league play/ranked system. As for zombies, haven't played much myself but all reviews I've seen have been horrible.

Nightmare from SAMP LS-RP


S/O Eastside Hustler Crips & Oldschool OG's - you know who you are

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