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  1. You were part of the reason the SA:MP server went downhill. 10/10 WORST Head of Legal Factions, absolute dog shit admin I have zero idea how you made it to where you were. Please do us a favor and don't come back. All you did was suck Wildcat and Gibbz off and do nothing for legal factions.
  2. Jerome

    March Release Update

    crazy how still a week later no word from mmartin on this release date and no other information was disclosed to the community time and time again the bad leadership skills being put on display, actual slap in the face to the people that worked hard to set up their factions, those who donated religiously every month since patreon released and those players who have been lied to about the release this fourth or even fifth time in a row
  3. If you aren’t willing to accept criticism and answer questions people have you shouldn’t have posted this here. Moving on, LSSD has a parole unit under their custody services operations. If you’re wanting to do that, I’d say join. There are advancement opportunities if you’re wanting to one day become “leadership” but if you’re just posting threads to open a new legal faction with the intention of just wanting to lead a LEO faction it’ll get turned away. I suggest you get known in the community, work your way up like everyone else and go from there.
  4. Been a minute since I see some of the PLA guys
  5. Jerome

    UFC Discussions

    only fan boys think Robbie won that fight
  6. Jerome


    which deuce is this??
  7. i was on MX before PLA wat was ur name there
  8. Ayeee Jerome Jackson
  9. Ofc he did Lewis a bum. what’s happenin
  10. No form of rape, pedophilia or child pornography should be allowed under any circumstance imo.
  11. This has to be a joke. You expect the GTA V version of the LAPD to maintain an unarmed police force. This isn’t the UK buddy. They’re imitating the LAPD on a map that is supposed to be Los Angeles.
  12. Well you're free to write reports. They exist obviously, however you aren't forced to do them. There are some divisional requirements for specific fields internally where you're required to do forum work such as the detective section, field training officers and any other role under the administrative side of the faction.
  13. Doesn't opening applications early defeat the purpose of patreons donating for this feature?
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