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Drug dealing/trafficking Guide for STREET GANGS

Freedom Fighter

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Drug dealing/trafficking Guide for STREET GANGS

Drug dealing and trafficking is one of the most popular things to get involved in when you're doing gang roleplay, but the issue begins at this specific point where people force people into drug dealing to prove themselves and treat their gang factions like its an entire Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO) which is somewhat unrealistic in that sense as not everyone involved in gang politics in Los Angeles are also involved in the drug game. In fact you'd be quite surprised, a lot people want to stay away from the drug game due to the bullshit it brings with it and instead a lot of gang members resort to fraud, robberies, burglaries, etc. Now, there's a difference, in what I said as well... people normally stay away from large scaled drug ops in gangs but a pretty hefty number of people probably deal drugs on low scales such as dimebags, eighths, halves, etc.



Main issue is when it comes to selling bricks and stuff, and since LS-RP has always worked with ounces; we'll use 3 or more ounces as a starter point for this then. Normally when people get involved in drugs inside of street gangs, it's selling petty amounts but deep inside normally lies a secondary foundation of big time drug dealers and trafficking (depending on the connections) within that gang. The reason I'm emphasizing this is important, because the moment you're brought into that side of the drug game a simple fuck up can land you six feet deep. Street gangs are already cutthroat to the bone as it already is, but when you involve yourself with big time drug dealers and potentially traffickers within your set then you're accepting an offer from the devil in plain sight.



The reason I'm bringing this up, is because a lot of people who do large scaled drug ops inside of street gangs, tend to act like it's either the entire street gang doing it and operate like a full DTO or they ignore the realistic tensions that'd come with it. It's normally a clique inside of a gang with very few people that actually 100% know what's going on when it comes to large drug ops inside of gangs, because of how cutthroat it is and the lack of trust for people. The petty drug amounts that little homies are trapping with, probably come from big homies involved deep in the drug game and it's normally the best drug dealers that sell petty amounts that normally end up being brought inside of the gang's inner circle when it comes down to large scaled drug ops.



Now I do want to say this, the drug game inside of street gangs is completely different to actual DTOs or OCGs, and tends to be a lot more grimey. Depending on if it's a Southsider gang or a African-American gang, there might not be any structure inside of the gang and the one with connections to the plugs might be the one that's "influential" at that specific time n place. This is important to remember, because if your gang has no structure and goes off of a generation structure instead of a hierarchy structure, then you could even roleplay having paranoia and trust issues with people because people can get knocked off over a female or some shit in gangs, so when it comes down to drugs it's twice if not thrice as bad as the before example.



This guide might not look like your average guide, and might remind you of a mini book or something but I purposely wrote it like this so it's easier to take in everything at once.


Credits: Freedom Fighter.


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