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  1. Never liked restrictions, although ERP can be cringe. Everybody knows damn well even the porn sites cannot stop kids from watching, there's always a way around. End of the day it will become a chaotic environment that nobody wants to deal with. Let them do whatever, if you're fighting weirdness on the internet, you'll not succeed due to the fact the internet could be the most anonymous space and identifying someone is going to take you a good amount of effort and certain skills. Otherwise said, nobody can stop a kid from identifying as a 18+ person and nobody can stop also a pedo from identifying as a 18 y/o. Implementing IDs is not going to work. Nobody is going to dox themselves, plus it should be against the server ideals to have someone dox themselves to you. Admins are also players, being an admin didn't stop certain people from creating drama in the past, leaking information etc. Trust no one on the internet, do things at your own discretion, be vigilant.
  2. All the TRU/SEB homies miss them days
  3. prove it, gift me the finest irish whiskey wassup bro
  4. u2 bro, whats good hello hello, many old faces
  6. ? at least type steal correctly sup bro?
  7. Yes, it should be allowed because inevitably there will be trolls who break in vehicles just to rob stashes and to protect you from the trolls, that system would do a fine job. If you were to know about the location of the said vehicle and wish to check it but it's not spawned, you can always request it from the person to spawn it (assuming there's a common courtesy and they'll comply) or ask an admin to do so in case of a rejection.
  8. A fresh start but yet again catching up with community members who's been RPing on LSRP at the time I joined and even before that. LSRP just has different mentality and approach in good way.
  9. Well I don't know if the walkstyle will be a feature available only for donators (I hope not, it's not a good idea as every character in order to portray it properly shouldn't have the default walking style - aka helps with immersion) but it should be added if not. Other than that I think property inactivity should be a thing too for donators, you won't lose your property as long as you're a donator.
  10. It's been said but what I'd like to also see is cops RPing their characters and be able to take loss just like all other players do. Don't be hard on other people having some OOC dislike towards illegal RPers and feeling like punishing them IG because it gives you a good feeling, this is not a real life job, it's supposed to be fun for everybody so if you make it fun for the illegal roleplayer they will actually want to roleplay more with the cops and interact with them more, keep that in mind.
  11. dis0rder


    im a bronze 3 lmfao, started some weeks ago
  12. Originally joined LSRP in 2013 but started playing actively in 2014.
  13. Never been better, also fuck covid bro link me ur discord
  14. I think Infinity was taken lol but anyways how u been bro
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