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  1. Well I don't know if the walkstyle will be a feature available only for donators (I hope not, it's not a good idea as every character in order to portray it properly shouldn't have the default walking style - aka helps with immersion) but it should be added if not. Other than that I think property inactivity should be a thing too for donators, you won't lose your property as long as you're a donator.
  2. It's been said but what I'd like to also see is cops RPing their characters and be able to take loss just like all other players do. Don't be hard on other people having some OOC dislike towards illegal RPers and feeling like punishing them IG because it gives you a good feeling, this is not a real life job, it's supposed to be fun for everybody so if you make it fun for the illegal roleplayer they will actually want to roleplay more with the cops and interact with them more, keep that in mind.
  3. dis0rder


    im a bronze 3 lmfao, started some weeks ago
  4. Originally joined LSRP in 2013 but started playing actively in 2014.
  5. Never been better, also fuck covid bro link me ur discord
  6. I think Infinity was taken lol but anyways how u been bro
  7. ur bulgarian what? hola friend, nice 2 meet u 2
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