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  1. I've seen it happen enough times to know you'll all just complain there's nothing to do apart from stand around. "I know it's an RP server but that's all we can do and it's getting boring" lmao
  2. Back in the day nearly everyone wore a NY Yankee cap in england, absolute abomination
  3. Ecig, coffee and cereal If I'm feeling up to it I'll do a fry up
  4. Lager I also have a whisky bar in my kitchen
  5. Actively playing since 2012, first played in 2010 but rping was a weird concept so I just messed around on a few servers
  6. I find this extremely hard to believe. Multiple questions make use of terms exclusive to roleplaying or LSRP's own robbery rules and she knew what they all were? I found it incredibly easy, getting every question correct, however I think you're exaggerating a little bit or just lying
  7. Vanilla ice all the way Vanilla samp, Vanilla rage, unbeatable
  8. So does it really matter which is the chosen platform?
  9. I remember once joining a russian samp server, I just about made it past the tutorial and got auto banned for being so far away from the server host To be fair I think anyone's PC would explode playing GTA4. I have to have it on the very lowest settings, meanwhile I'm rocking RDR2 on ultra
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