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  1. Before I lost my early supporter status on discord I noticed there hasn't been a single git push since September, what a joke
  2. NGG did this 10-11 years ago and it inflated everyone's ego Nah
  3. Lmao this bloke lives in Texas. Do you gangbang with overalls and a cowboy hat on? Pioneer saloon nation
  4. Back in the day nearly everyone wore a NY Yankee cap in england, absolute abomination
  5. Ecig, coffee and cereal If I'm feeling up to it I'll do a fry up
  6. Lager I also have a whisky bar in my kitchen
  7. Actively playing since 2012, first played in 2010 but rping was a weird concept so I just messed around on a few servers
  8. I find this extremely hard to believe. Multiple questions make use of terms exclusive to roleplaying or LSRP's own robbery rules and she knew what they all were? I found it incredibly easy, getting every question correct, however I think you're exaggerating a little bit or just lying
  9. Vanilla ice all the way Vanilla samp, Vanilla rage, unbeatable
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