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  1. I find it fairly warranted. I dunno if it changed in SAMP's later years but you couldn't use spaces in your username so we had underscores. As far back as 2010 and earlier, servers couldn't even omit the underscores so it looked like: "Chris_Bluman says: ..." It's just a legacy thing but I'd rather us use underscores and have the script omit them when we type.
  2. This may work if the script doesn't utilise mechanic components in the way it does on samp and allows for more fluidity when repairing vehicles. I also think the insurance system should be abolished, it enabled players to completely disregard repairing their vehicles and allowing them to be fixed automatically.
  3. 2012 was when I first registered to the forums and played the server seriously
  4. Dooooopppee Windows xp skin for mdc when?
  5. I went back to BF4 tbh, it's still popping on PC
  6. I don't know enough about this to say what should or shouldn't be done but I'm sure irl there are a lot of regulations around casino owners and they can only take out a small percentage of what is earned
  7. Younger me would've said an 80s-90s JDM car, an even younger me loved the Ferrari Enzo when it first came out. Now I'd rather have an old full size American saloon/sedan, a '65 Mustang or a '70 Challenger. Something to cruise in as you can't go fast in England anymore cos the roads are all absolutely fucked with traffic
  8. Easily accessible. People play gta for the racing, shooting and other action so naturally they're going to aim for that experience on a roleplay server aswell. Gangs and illegal factions are a lot easier to join than PD/SD and there's only a small percentage of players who are inclined to play as medics or passive roleplayers such as construction workers.
  9. Guess I'll just wear a traffic cone on my head
  10. Those projects are a thousand times better than the original ones
  11. The original battlefront 2 for ps2 and jedi fallen order
  12. I'm doing it w my irl mate who's a maxed nerd, he's flying through it 10x faster than I am lmao
  13. yessir Currently doing hardcore group ironman
  14. This is the best clothing system I've ever seen, even better than gta5 itself
  15. We've already got that. They "remastered" it for the xbox 360 which turned out to be a horrible fps capped wet card textured android version simply ported over.
  16. It doesn't feel like a traditional BF game, a bit closer to the newest ground war mode on cod, but it's enjoyable. I do miss the slower battles and last stand pushes to win rounds and IMO there's not as much destruction as I thought there'd be
  17. Yes yes beta time soon lads
  18. This was a massive problem on lsrp, it was always active pursuits over anything else. I remember attending a callout from PD when I was in FD and the 3 cops that were with me with a victim ran off without saying anything, when I PMed one of them he said "sorry, there's another pursuit." I want to see PD seeing out situations to the very end with barely any of them breaking off to do something else in the meantime, it's a huge immersion breaker and it's a main gateway to the later robocops we saw. Anyone who wants to join PD with the mindset of chasing people down or attending shootouts all day long doesn't belong in the faction, there has to be room for development in other areas. If a criminal faction were to look for action every minute of their playing time they'd be shut down by FM faster than you can blink.
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