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  1. NGG did this 10-11 years ago and it inflated everyone's ego Nah
  2. Lmao this bloke lives in Texas. Do you gangbang with overalls and a cowboy hat on? Pioneer saloon nation
  3. Back in the day nearly everyone wore a NY Yankee cap in england, absolute abomination
  4. Ecig, coffee and cereal If I'm feeling up to it I'll do a fry up
  5. Lager I also have a whisky bar in my kitchen
  6. Actively playing since 2012, first played in 2010 but rping was a weird concept so I just messed around on a few servers
  7. I find this extremely hard to believe. Multiple questions make use of terms exclusive to roleplaying or LSRP's own robbery rules and she knew what they all were? I found it incredibly easy, getting every question correct, however I think you're exaggerating a little bit or just lying
  8. Vanilla ice all the way Vanilla samp, Vanilla rage, unbeatable
  9. So does it really matter which is the chosen platform?
  10. I remember once joining a russian samp server, I just about made it past the tutorial and got auto banned for being so far away from the server host To be fair I think anyone's PC would explode playing GTA4. I have to have it on the very lowest settings, meanwhile I'm rocking RDR2 on ultra
  11. I think that reason is a big enough excuse, imagine your server being down and completely out of your hands for a number of days. It could be a Friday, Saturday and Sunday which are the most popular days. You may say people could find something else to do but imagine if say facebook or youtube were completely down for the whole weekend, the whole world would lose their shit. It's a lot of downtime
  12. Driving on gta5 with keyboard and mouse is absolute garbage, involuntarily wheelspinning off the line everytime you accelerate and constantly tapping A and D to stay in lane. I really hope they revise this rule.
  13. Expect Online to get 1000% more treatment than story mode, there's a good chance it'll be set in Vice City with a thousand references to previous games. New GTA games used to have a Christmassy type feel to me, although now I'll be amazed if it's as thought out as RDR2 was given GTA5 was lacking in a number of areas when compared to 4.
  14. The good old days of LSP, right in the heart of Los Santos. It was usually the arresting officer that transported them but the prison was only a block away from most of the action. When SACF was released, I'm not sure what it was like for PD but in SD it was still the arresting deputy that transported and processed them. Not sure if it was the same post 2016
  15. Talk about milking a dead, decomposed cow It's been a good 10+ years on samp but the spark isn't there
  16. Some fuckin good times on that server, what was your name?
  17. I was Chris Bluman on ngrp, forum name stuck although I never really used the name on lsrp
  18. I thought he was talking about post scriptum. A ww2 version of Squad on the same engine, I bought it and refunded it 2 years ago though. It's apparently been slowly dying as of late
  19. It's been going strong since it's release early last year. I've played a good number of hours on Squad and HLL is my new favourite game. Everything just makes a bit more sense on it and you feel genuinely trapped in the environment, rather than Squad where you can jump in a vehicle and head to a new fob or cap. With no depleting ticket system most games go the distance so one match could easily last up to an hour and half but the endgame is just as action packed as the first 20 minutes. In contrast, depending on how well your team's performing on Squad, the last half hour can be the most boring time as you just wait for the game to end. It's not just the setting that sets the games apart, HLL is easier on the whole team and more forgiving if you die or want to change your loadout/kit. I still thoroughly enjoy both games and it's took them both to get me to finally uninstall the remaining Battlefields I played (BF3, BF4 and BF5)
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