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SA-MP QOL Update 13.3.5






Today we're bringing yet another QOL update to the SA-MP gamemode. Besides the changes below, we've also added several debug methods to help us narrow down some of the server crashes. We'll be releasing a QOL update for the RageMP server this week as well. For now, enjoy:


[San Andreas Multiplayer Game Patch 13.3.5]
- Players now have the option to spawn at last location
- Armor saves after reconnecting until next server restart
- Duty state saves after reconnecting (not only crash) for 10 minutes or until next server restart
- Added /uniform off
- All factions with access to /uniform can now do so near their faction car's trunks
- Attempted a fix to the poker all in bug
- Added additional debug traces to server crash caused by some dialogs
- Replaced faceinvader billboards with myface ones


- Martin 

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great apart from... taking potential taxi sales 😞 😞 😞


spawning @ last location still amazing benefit... especially for server restarts 😄


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