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SA-MP Update 13.3.6




Hey all,


Today we're bringing yet another update with QOL changes and bugfixes. Before that though, I want to share my excitement that we've resolved virtually all common crash issues that we faced. I'm sure you've noticed the server hasn't had a crash in almost a week now, which is awesome. This was possible due to diligent team effort, and I'm glad we were able to improve the stability of our server.


We've recently opened the first round of feature voting here: Roadmap - Los Santos Roleplay (ls-rp.com). Everyone can express their interest in features that have been approved, this helps us understand the priority of what you want to see implemented first. That being said, some features take longer to implement than others, so it may still happen that a lower-priority feature will be done first, because there's simply less work on it.


We've begun work on the following major features from the list:

- New phone system (Mmartin, I'm stoked to do this for the third time...)

- Centralized Inventory System (Noble)

- Forensics (ImperiumXVII)


These are more long-term projects, so they may not come out in a week or two, but we'll make sure to keep you updated in #snippets. 


We also have a working prototype for a safe way to do custom XM Stations in-game, so we'll be doing that next as well. All in all, I'm happy to see the Suggestions board engaged and you guys have a lot of cool ideas, so we're looking forward to implement many of them. It's super exciting to be doing feature development again now that we've resolved most of our technical related grievances.


One more thing to tease, we'll be doing a major event very soon. Get ready for a pumping festival with limited edition clothing items, minigames and more. 


All that being said, the changelog for 13.3.6 is:

[San Andreas Multiplayer Game Update 13.3.6]
- Added /relog to change your character without reconnecting!
- Added marketprice payout back to /sellhouse
- Added MDC & other permissions for Gov. Encorcement
- Added granular permission system
- Corpses now despawn faster
- Added /corpse interact to increase corpse's lifespan during RP
- /corpse bodybag, vehicle, deliver can now be used by GOV and also in vans, not just ambulances
- Fixed a typo in phone call messages
- Trucking help no longer shows twice in /jobhelp if you are a trucker and have a sidejob
- Fixed a dialog with "NULL" showing for new characters
- Removed LSSD Dillimore HQ references
- Fixes faction subrank paychecks


Peace & Love


  • CJ 1
  • Bigsmoke 1
  • Ryder 1
  • Clap 1
  • Thumbs 4
  • OK 1
  • Strong 6
  • Love 16


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That's ME on banner 🎉🥳🎉🎂 

Great update! Can't wait for more 

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Posted (edited)

Added /relog to change your character without reconnecting

I was waiting for this  ❤️

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