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SA-MP Update 13.3.7 + Management Update




Hello gamers,


With today's update, we're adding the ability for any business owner to set an icon for their business. This icon will be then visible during business opening to help players find the business easier. This feature is available to all business owners and carries a symbolic one-time fee of $50k payable in-game.


Besides that, we've some tweaks and fixes to offer as well. The whole changelog is as follows:


[San Andreas Multiplayer Game Update 13.3.7]
- Added /bizicon to select an icon for your business. It will show during business openings.
- /openbiz extended to 3 hours instead of 1 by default.
- Removed number changes from LS Telefonica
- Added /farmerjob navigation and increase command range
- Fix rare instances of players unable to log in.
- Add information about level restriction when purchasing an item from 24/7.
- Members of official illegal factions can now become Mechanics and Truckers.
- Added /selldrink for restaurant-type businesses.
- Added boxing & kungfu instructor commands to /jobhelp.
- Fixed burner phone operator.
- Misc. internal optimalizations.


Hope you enjoy.


On the community side of things, we've some exciting news to share as well. @Michael (artist formerly known as ImperiumXVII) will finally be taking up a managerial spot alongside of Dos & Me. He'll be taking over the Head of Staff role. There's very few people as dedicated to LS-RP as Michael, so I'm very happy with this choice and I know he can help us take the server above and beyond. @badhbh is also stepping in to help out as the Asst. Head of Testers. Congratulations both!


That's gonna be it from me for today. See you in-game!


- Martin

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