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Forum Launch, Character Applications




Hey all,


As we announced earlier this month, we're opening up the Community Forums to everyone tonight! We did our best to set up all boards that are necessary for now, if you feel like something's missing then you can share your thoughts in the General Discussion topic on forum improvements. We did stress-test the forum, but nothing really compares to real-life traffic, so please bare with us in case of any issues, we'll resolve them as soon as we can.


Character Applications

I'm sure you're wondering if you're going to be able to create a character before the server launch and the answer is - yes of course! We're already working on a new and improved application system. The applications are set to launch in advance before the server opens for you to get your character ready. In order to not overwhelm our team with handling applications, we're going to open Early Access Applications on the 19th of October, for everyone who's a "Early Supporter #2" or higher tier on Patreon at the time of submitting their application. This perk is also a replacement for the Community Forum Early Access perk, which becomes invalid tonight.  


We don't currently have a date for when the applications open for everyone, but I'll make sure to let you know in advance.


Kind regards,


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