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  1. go far with this faction bro
  2. Hello EZ aka Ezekiel Oseguera
  3. Beyond Two Souls, Red dead 1 and 2, Gta SA, 4, 5.
  4. Yeah, that would be so fire
  5. Yeah Gta 6 is gonna need some type a rocket pc
  6. Yeah, this server will be the best server imo
  7. Life is strange is a W game I recommend to anyone.
  8. Lol all that deving that he will have to do, rip.
  9. I know everyone has been wondering when is Gta 6 gonna come out? Well short answer, I don't know but let's have some discussions about Gta 6 and what it could be. I hope Gta 6 is in Los Santos and they should have a feature where you can go to Liberty City and Vice City. Grand Theft Auto 6 I think that Gta 6 can be something really great, it's gonna open plenty of roleplay opportunities as you can travel from city to city. Imagine being in Los Santos one day then the next traveling to Liberty City for business or etc, I honestly can't wait for Gta 6 to come out even though it's gonna take like 25+ years, I'll still be waiting for it. All that I said up there isn't true, it's just some ideas that I think that would be amazing.
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