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  1. This is hard let's go
  2. Jazt look in my eyes and you'll see russian paradise
  3. How much money can we transfer from SAMP LSRP to RageMP LSRP?
  4. Cursed_King

    Future of LS-RP

    Let's hope for the best
  5. Gonna spend all my hard earned money on those scratch n win Good stuff
  6. Thanks for amazing work you did for the community! Good luck on your next projects
  7. Good to see things are in the work and new team are motivated to revamp and enhance the systems. Communication and transparency are the keys. Good luck!
  8. Hell yeah the homies are back in the hood, take it far
  9. I remember I won the Huntley from a dancing contest. Hello my Georgian friend
  10. We miss you G

  11. That's cool, finally let's spend that money
  12. Back then, if you wanna meet someone you get IG and look for that someone, everything happened ICly, no OOC intervention. Times were simpler, people cared about RP, seeing and interacting with the city from their characters eyes, people back then cared about creating stories and develop their characters, doesn't matter if the win or lose. Yeah we'll never have that again.
  13. "New business, new connections" Later than night...
  14. Yeah sometimes I wanna bleach my eyes for the cringe fest I see on discord chat channels
  15. Man you're absolutely right, now alot of people check discord, ask how many are IG, what event is about to happen ect.. Like you said back then, to know what's up you have to login game and find out.
  16. Hey everyone, I want this message to reach whoever decided to read this thread, I want to invite you to login to LSRP:V on Saturday night, there will be a nightclub opening around 10PM server time and a fun contest to win prizes. I want everyone to hope in, have fun and continue do your thing, maybe you're a new player or a returning player. You might like the server with it's new features and script, maybe you can just hope in for the last time and have fun with this community. I encourage everyone to login pop the PB, do fun things you like. This invitation is for everyone ! Can't wait to see you there!
  17. After a long period of time.... "Freedom"
  18. A while later... "Stefan Castillo says: "Hey boss." Fuck.... Later that night.... "Honour will come"
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