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  1. If your idea of "good and immersive roleplay" is raping someone, then you shouldn't be roleplaying here to begin with. It's not some funny source of entertainment. This happens to people every single day, and it leaves them traumatized for life, or even worse, dead. The permission was on an out-of-character basis, because not everyone is comfortable with that. The rape roleplay would occur in-character, but prior out-of-character permission of all parties involved was the policy. There is a variety of ways you can roleplay and have fun without needing to violate or potentially traumatize another person. There's a reason it was classified as "Disgusting roleplay". The fact you have an issue with needing permission to roleplay something so disturbing with another person, and not the fact you're okay with doing that, even in a virtual sense, is what's messed up. The saddest part is, I can't tell if you're trolling, or if you truly believe the idea of raping someone, virtual or otherwise, is fun enough to be brought back.
  2. Automatically CKing someone upon three sequential PKs negates having CK applications. Anyone could just go and PK someone three times strategically throughout the week and automatically CK someone without needing to apply for a CK. It might not be "back breaking" but it's just unnecessary and pointless work on top of everything else they have that is far more important. It will victimize anyone who is PKed. "Discouraging reckless behavior that leads to them being PKed" is literally victim blaming as a blanket statement with no distinction between those who are and are not at fault for getting themselves PKed. Not every person who gets PKed is at fault; you can walk down the street for half a block and get gunned down because someone felt like it. You can walk into a store and get gunned down for the same reason. There are so many holes in this suggested system. Players would lose all of their characters within a week due to it, at no fault of their own. That's not even counting when you have gang wars, or wrong place at the wrong time occurrences. PD, SD and FD members would all lose their characters very easily just due to the nature of the roleplay they partake in. This would cause way too much extra work for factions, and it would disrupt the flow of all immersion, roleplay and development if people have to swap out coworkers every three PKs. The Admin Team, as I said in my initial reply, are about education over punishment. They ban people as a last resort, so I do not see any world in which they'd willingly force someone to CK their character after three PKs to "discourage reckless behavior". Admin Jails are sufficient enough for anyone breaking rules or behaving recklessly. No need to "fix" something that isn't broken.
  3. Yeah, absolutely not. Having a "lives system" is way too RPGish, and defeats the purpose of having CK applications between factions. This makes legitimate systems redundant. You will never get rid of over the top player kills on the server. There's no avoiding it. The victims of senseless, non-rp or non-legit PKs shouldn't be punished over it. This just seems like a lot of pointless workload being added to the Admin team. I wouldn't go so far as to say this either. They're here to keep the server in order, and maintain as safe an environment as possible so everything runs smoothly. To enforce rules, and educate those who are unfamiliar with anything they may have missed. "Education over punishment" is their leading motto. I am not in favor of adding more workload to them, as aforementioned, this is unnecessary work that would be dumped on their shoulders. People have lives outside of the community, and shouldn't have to monitor PKs and the "lives" system 24/7. No one should have to be forced to lose their character over PKs, especially if they have to pay for namechanges afterwards. Not everyone can afford namechanges every two hours when they're gunned down time after time. Imagine the amount of namechanges LEOs would go through alone just from large shootouts. Same with gangs. No thank you.
  4. LordSpyx

    March Release Update

    If life has taught me anything it's that every time you make a plan, life says "Sike you thought?". I'd personally rather people's personal lives be taken care of before a game. Y'all have lives outside of LS-RP, and I can see how hard everyone has been working. So take the time you guys need, and I look forward to more snippets!
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  6. Firefighter III Katrina Fischer
  7. I feel like for as large as the map is, new mapping isn't a necessity for terms of "newness" or "originality". I think everyone needs time to adjust to and get used to roleplaying on the map before any drastic changes occur. Not to mention the fact that while having a community for forwarding ideas is great, it's not the same thing as having a team of mappers who can actually make changes. Developing and mapping are two entirely different things. One requires you to manipulate and write code, while the other is creating "physical" structures. Unless there is a script to just type a few lines of code and suddenly a one story building becomes a three story hotel, just having ideas with no team to implement them is a brainstorming session at that point. There's a lot more to mapping than you'd think, not to mention the fact it would require every person to download more files to be able to load the mapping constantly. GTA V alone is a powerhouse, imagine adding in custom maps you have to constantly render. That'd be a mess.
  8. Damn it's been a hot minute. How are you?
  9. Battalion Chief Reginald Loki
  10. I would say no to leaving player owned cars spawned in, and would hope even faction's vehicles being spawned in will be limited by the use of /enterable garages like we had on SAMP. Judging from the LSPD's official faction thread, you can see the vehicles are customized. Each texture / livery comes with a file size. Every person is going to have to download that file, and will need to load it every time they're in-game. Even the default vehicles come with different customization options and liveries, which I'd imagine also requires additional loading times. Realistically, yes, your vehicle would be where you last parked it, which is exactly why on SAMP if people were being investigated, they were told by Admins to spawn their vehicle, as it would realistically be there on the property — this applied whether the vehicle was in an obvious location, or hidden somewhere on the property, allowing detectives time to roleplay searching for it. On SAMP, vehicle mods were client-sided, so if you could afford to mod every single vehicle you wanted, it only affected you. From my observations with communities based on GTA V, they're server-sided, so modded vehicles with different textures will affect everybody on the server. Large scale events, like parades or 9/11 memorial events were definitely interesting on SAMP. We'd often have Admins despawning cars or reparking the factionized vehicles in their garages to limit as much object loading as possible when there were 100+ people in one area. (This was after everyone drove there of course). At the end of the day while it is a roleplay server and supposed to reflect real life with as much immersion as possible, it's still a videogame and will always come with limitations.
  11. D'awww Your cow is literally SO cute
  12. "The North County Correctional Facility (NCCF) in Castaic, CA, is part of a large, correctional complex run by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department". That is what they're basing it on.
  13. DCR has merged to be under the LSSD faction. They are responsible for the prison system, as laid out in their forums. This is the realistic approach. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department oversees the correctional facility that the in-game one is being based upon. You might only be basing things off of Texas, but legal factions for LSRP are based upon their California counterparts, seeing as if the base game of GTA V is located in a fictional California.
  14. Tools & Programs Wacom Intuos CTH-480 Pen Tablet Clip Studio Paint Pro ♥ ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ ♥ LS-FD Artwork Deputy Chief Tabitha Navarro Battalion Chief Reginald Loki Firefighter III Katrina Fischer Firefighter III Katrina Fischer & Firefighter Reserve Maxine Hayes (Chibi Style; Off-Duty) ♥ ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ ♥ King's Throne: Game of Conquest Artwork Morrigan & Cu Chulainn
  15. Any private clinic being introduced to the server will need to go through some other scheme, such as a faction or company scheme. Which will need to be met with approval by the appropriate LS-RP Staff members. The hospital sub-faction has been put into place as a direct request from Server Management. It would ultimately be up to them on whether such private clinics could open or not. The LSFD has no say in which factions or companies can or cannot open.
  16. Private vs Public: The only difference is insurance of the customer and how the hospital is set to work. You cannot force someone to go to the hospital if they do not want to go, and those who are unconscious and being transported, I'm sure would rather be alive and have a higher bill than to just be left to die because we stopped to check their pockets for insurance cards and which hospitals would be better. I will reiterate: hospital is overseen by LSFD Rank 1 on an OOC level only. This is per Management's request. We do not work directly with them or have any association with them on an in-character level. This was to avoid having to re-script an entirely new faction at launch, and to make sure they have a proper structure. This is to provide hospital roleplay without having to take time away from FD, who are not qualified to be doctors or nurses. FD can focus on pre-hospital care and firefighting, while the hospital staff takes over the roleplay from the hospital. Any connection between the two is strictly OOC. We as LSFD will not be employing nurse practitioners. We are focusing on Firefighter-EMT and Firefighter-Paramedics. We are responsible for pre-hospital care. Per policy, as Ryan stated, we go to the nearest hospital unless the patient is not in critical condition and can give a preference. You cannot be a medic without being a firefighter, as we are the Fire Department. There are many privately owned hospitals. Some departments don't even transport patients, they treat them and then have the hospital's ambulances come and pick them up. This isn't the case for LAFD, but they aren't going to not transport a critically injured person to a hospital because it's privately owned and not public. You can't just simply open a hospital without going through a strict qualification system. (Unless you're running it out of your basement illegally). It takes a hot minute to construct a hospital of that size, and you need to meet all of the requirements, have all of the certifications, the money, etc. We don't charge for ambulance rides to the hospital, and once they're in the care of the hospital, it's between them and hospital staff for billing. We do not charge for pre-hospital care as the fire department. How the billing and everything else works has zero to do with us.
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