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  1. Hello community, Over-the-top violence, historically, has been a problem in GTA Roleplaying venues. This (in my opinion) includes the popular SA:MP venues, including LS:RP as well as popular GTA5 venues (such as you know where). There's no reason to think it won't be a problem in LS:RP V as well. We all see the "signs" of over-the-top violence. Boatload of Player Kills, too many bold and brave hot-shot characters, rapid escalations of conflict and of course a bevy of deathmatching reports/disputes. Put in the big picture, I think we can all agree that none of this is cool and doesn't have a positive effect on the overall roleplaying/portraying quality of the server (or any server). We could go back and forth about all sorts of abstract and not so much reasons as to why over-the-top-violence exists (yeah, this is a game, I get it), but I'll focus on one in this thread. The severity of consequences (or lackthereof). For me, there's two main culprits I can see when it comes to lack of consequences and the subsequent effect on violence and quality. 1) Jail time. - I'll skip this one over though, because this is indeed a game and I don't expect nor will demand for people to be jailed for literal, real life months (for example) over a murder. I believe jail times in LS:RP are already severe enough. (Won't be mad if you make them more severe though, for all we know we might get better prison roleplay, but this is a topic for another day) 2) The concept of Player Kills. - I trust we all know what Player Kills are so I won't bother with the whole gist of it. Ultimately we all know what happens though -- You don't lose your character. Before I go any further, yes, I'm aware that: - There's CK Wars; Factions can delete each other if it gets to it. - There's CK Apps; Things you can fill to delete someone permanently with a good reason, or at least try to. These are good. They're great aid for the whole more in-depth role play and all that, but I'm not talking about the dedicated, in-deep roleplay scenarios here. I'm talking about the random day-to-day situations that appear out the blue between strangers. Why do they appear? Why are so many charaters so hot-headed and/or fearless and why do so many borderline immersion-breaking, borderline meaningless deaths happen? Because there's a lack of severity in consequences. I'll take a pause here to talk about a WoW roleplaying venue, I know some of the roleplayers in this communtiy have been there as well. I'll use Prologue/Legacy as an example (no advertisement intened, the communtiy is no more). TLDR: It was a private storytelling/sandbox WoW heavy text-based roleplaying server. The LS:RP of WoW, just in a fantasy medieval sitting with different mechanics and bla-bla. Anyway, the point. Legacy did one thing that not many (I can think of only two) SAMP servers did. They eradicated Player Kills. Every death was a CK. I'll write that again. Every death was final. No PKs, no waking up in the hospital with some compicated memory loss and bla-bla. Your character was no more. Now, on the surface, I can see why many players would frown to that. Boohoo, I've spent so much time trying to flesh out and develop my character and now my charater is just gone over a borderline meaningless encounter. Yeah, that sucks. Yeah the whole thing also resulted a lot of Deatchmatching disputes and drama in the forums, but... But it also had another, positive effect on the community. The roleplaying quality as a result was increased ten-fold. All of a sudden (I mean when compared to GTA) 50% of the characters weren't these fearless hot-shots with close to no regard for human life, let alone their own. People thought twice and thrice before doing something, and let alone something stupid -- because they full well knew that this bullshit might be the last bullshit they attempt. So... It worked and it didn't. Like everything, it had its pros and cons, but ultimately it worked. I say that on the grounds that the community has succesefully lived for years, produced many great moments and made many role players happy (and salty at times). The quality was memorable (despite all its flaws that it also had). Anyway. Now that I believe I've made my point, I know that GTA is different in terms of pace and I know that it's different in terms of population and players' engagement with each other. (Bigger pop, faster pace, more engagement). So I know, that even if I wanted to, I can't persuade anyone to give up on PKs and say yeaaaah make every death final. How about a middle ground though? How about making Player Kills a little bit more meaningful? Here's a minimalistic suggestion, please pay no attention to the numbers that will be present as they aren't "crunched" and are only here to help portray the example. A "lives" system. Sounds silly, I know, but hear me out. What if you have, say, three lives in your /stats. Every time you die scriptwise (get PKed) one of these lives is taken away. Once you're out of lives -- You're dead. Your character is gone. An automatic CK. Doesn't matter how "meaningful" or not the encounter(s) that led to your demise was/were. There's some IFs here. Like, yeah, some of these encounters could have been none of your fault at all. Hell, for all we know, you could've been a poor victim of a cross-fire on your last life and now you have to lose your character over something that has nothing to do with your development, at all. Yeah, that sucks, but... But it's realistic. Isn't it? What about deathmatching? Well I think that's pretty straight forward. If you lose a life over deathmatching, said life is refunded, nuff said. A little bit more work for our admin team, but to hell with it - they are here to SERVE US ARE THEY NOT? The system can be toyed with. For example, say not dying scriptwise for an X amount of online hours refunds you a lost life automatically, granted you're not at max. Maybe people in law enforcement agencies could get an extra life or two, given how it's them vs the entire illegal faction section on the daily. Things like that. It has to be mulled over, it has to be crunched, optimized or however you want to call it. I'm not here claiming that I'm proposing a ready fix. But... The idea? The idea of Player-Kills ALSO being dangerous and not borderline without consequences (boo-hoo my inventory). I wonder how does the community & staff feel about that? Isn't that something we should pursue for the sake of overall roleplaying quality? Maybe with a system like this we'd actually see more down to earth and less trigger-happy characters? Less silly escalations? I haven't turned this into a poll, because I want to see elaborated opinions and not people just clicking "no, I don't want to lose my character". Cheers. PS: Consequences lacking in severity or at all has a direct effect on roleplaying quality and character portrayal. This is a fact and I'll fight anyone who claims otherwise IRL. It's 3AM, let me know if something isn't making any sense and I'll be happy to elaborate.
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