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  1. The goal of this faction is to aim & portray a brutal lifestyle in a realistic fictional East Coast Crip street gang based in the South Los Santos & create roleplay on the server enjoyable for everyone. Those who are interested in joining must submit CK perms to the leadership of 190 East Coast Blocc Crip @Hood Luv Me & @Krashout Activities before joining and leadership reserves the right to CK your character given the right circumstances. Before joining, please have an idea and direction in which you develop your character as we take proper character portrayal very seriously. We encourage those who join to be able to create roleplay and minimize being spoon fed roleplay. If you need help establishing an idea for how you want to develop your character or feel that you need to improve your roleplay, feel free to contact leadership and we will be willing to discuss and help you with your goal(s). Leadership takes a hard line on rule breakers and will be disciplined and/or removed from the faction expeditiously.
  2. hell yea, i’ve already been fucking with crypto. i’m trying get into some NFTS just don’t know how they work
  3. Would just like to say hello to everyone and welcome back!
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