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  1. Update: I'm afraid I do be leaving. Proper goodbyes and an explanation are on the original post. I'll still obvs nosy around here, just not gonna be where my focus is.
  2. Allegra

    March Release Update

    As I've said before and to many people: the delays themselves don't bother me. The management around the delays is what's bothered me. Thank you Kane for sharing this list of what remains - as it feels like the only time where we've really had any idea of where we're up to and what remains. With that being said, we've had weeks of uncertainty and I'm not afraid to say that I feel like more could and should have been done to keep everyone up to date on where things have been at. There have also been opportunities to keep interest piqued which have been missed; I sent some of these ideas to Ben, but they were ignored. And frankly, to hear on the most recent meeting (which was still over a week ago, maybe two?) "I'm really excited about the launch and I hope you are too" just felt like a slap in the face. I have been one of the people who's vehemently defended the staff team, Mmartin and the delays that have happened. I understand, fully and wholeheartedly, that you're doing this in your spare time and that everyone has jobs and lives besides this. You, as an individual, along with the other developers that have picked things up in Mmartin's stead, are very good in my eyes and I feel sorry for you having to deal with such fallout when you've done everything you can. The snippets, for instance, have been one of the few things keeping people informed of where things are at. The sad fact here though is that in my eyes, the script and the physical release of the server has only been part of the problem. Keeping people fully informed has been one major issue, and I believe that there must surely be other things that could have occupied everyone's time and attention in the meantime. For instance, talk about the discussions that have been had regarding SA lore. Talk about the updates to laws. Show that the lead team has been listening to suggestions and so on. Show people that fucks are still being given. This again is not directed at you. I'm directing it more at anyone who claims to manage this community as a whole. Opportunities have been missed, the communication failures have been nigh on endless, and faith is being lost on a daily basis as a result. I'm not even sure if, at this point, anything that is said or done could convince me that this is still worth keeping an eye on. The manner it's been managed leaves much to be desired, and makes me worry for any time in the future in which difficult situations might arise again
  3. Welcome back. Would bang.
  4. Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys.
  5. That's definitely a preference though; some people genuinely enjoy nightlife RP. I suppose even in real life, there are people who just go to clubs to find a hookup. It's obviously not for everyone but in which case I'd say... if it ain't your scene, don't go. Back in the day my character would have a group of friends who'd meet up each week at a bar, then a club (which we could plan because the clubs and bars tended to open on the same day each week). Innocent af and then we'd just let the characters dance and roll home drunk. Was fun. Club scene ain't gonna go away, but I agree it'd be good to see it interact more with the illegal side of things.
  6. Allegra


    Welcome, welcome back!
  7. Yeah I quite like that idea! As Flemwad mentioned, things like PKs would need to be considered though. I'm thinking of it more in the case of giving someone keys or potentially stealing them, but perhaps they should just not be able to be picked up on death.
  8. Yesssss fire fire fire! Good luck with everything
  9. First yessssss here we go boys and girls.
  10. I've never actually tried this on multiplayer - I bought it when it first came out and it was buggy as hell. Clunky and weird mechanics especially with walls. I've heard these are fixed now so might have another go. I like the return to AOE2 style, but miss the storytelling aspect from AOE3 (I preferred having characters who spoke and had personalities).
  11. Oh aye this definitely falls into the "nice to have" rather than the "give us this asap" category. Even so it'd be cool to see imo.
  12. I haven't been able to find anything, but I imagine it would come under this: I'd personally just put it in there for clarity that the harming of animals isn't allowed. I can't imagine anyone would really want to do this, but you never really know. Edit: I'm not sure if the LEO factions will have K9 units, in which case I'd understand if they'd want to be able to defend themselves against an attacking dog. I suppose it also depends on whether it'd be allowed to have guard dogs, for instance, in which case they're sort of naturally in harm's way. Bit of a grey area that one.
  13. Yeah we do love the idea of having pets. I worry about people potentially kidnapping them or RPing hurting them because that would really not sit well with me at all on an OOC level, even just for RP. Seeing people walking their dogs and stuff would be great though, and having a cat wander around the house when you have guests etc. Just another layer of immersion.
  14. I'm pretty sure Mmartin has said this will be considered for after launch, which is good news. Can't remember when or where that was (possibly a stream) but the consensus is clearly in favour of allowing ped skins so surely it'll be on the to do list
  15. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best - I like the idea of having a home tied to a vehicle. Perhaps your suggestion would work, or perhaps there could be something added to the /vpark (or whatever its equivalent may be). Either way it makes sense for things like motorhomes or boats, or even big trucks since a lot of truckers use their cabs as their "home". I like it.
  16. I just did a nightmare mode game, my friend died in about 2 minutes and I barely escaped. We didn't even find the ghost room. Actual nightmare.
  17. Lookin' good boiz also really resfreshing to see that you're keeping things open to those who are interested, but not necessarily fully-versed in the law (as we've seen countless times before, this just ends up being pretty toxic). I like the direction things appear to be going in, so good luck!
  18. Couldn't agree more - there are so many more options now that weren't even fathomable on SAMP. Plennnnty more to consider! Glad that you like the idea of an art gallery. I'm not sure how feasible it is to have actual, physical art objects in the game without it being labour intensive to maintain. However, a halfway house solution could be that there's a generic blank object that looks like a painting, then when you get close and press a button, a popup appears with the actual painting itself (basically linked to somewhere on the internet, an image file of course). Not quite the same as having art that can be bought etc, but at least it can be displayed. With media, I agree that XM stations are a must and that we need to support players who are going to run their own stations as well. Sadly these have never been money makers, but again, I figure that this is potentially where Gov can step in and make up some of the money. Agreed as well that it'd be great for having some kind of in-game "charts" for players involved in music production RP. Tourism is indeed interesting. I'd see it more as something that we do by default, but its ulterior OOC motive should be to promote the server not just the city itself. Naturally we'd focus on the legal aspects of the server, but tbf I'm also down for creating some OOC trailers that reference both legal and illegal RP. That's not entirely related to this discussion, but is still something that I'd like to do. News stations is an interesting one. La Mama brought up a great model idea whereby having actual news companies isn't essential to the news scene. I quite like it but also respect anyone who wants to set up their own outfit. Just that it often takes a lot of management and is generally thankless. Agreed also that new revisions and ideas are needed on in-game news scripts and television. Ideally we want something as realistic as possible, but at the same time accessible so that people can actually see it. Perhaps an option to tune in to live streams using the phone? Then we're getting into Twitch territory but I'm kinda here for that too.
  19. Brilliant this is really good food for thought, thanks for sharing and for the links and references to how it works in real life too. I'll have more of a think about this and see about pulling something together. I imagine something like this could work well with the Twatter social media feature too. I'm also personally more of a fan of shorter bite-sized news anyway. Attention spans in the real world are lower than ever before, we've got a scrolling culture now, so it makes sense for this to translate IC anyway. Great contribution though thanks again and feel free to add any more ideas that spring to mind
  20. That's an interesting idea for media actually - being paid per article as a "contributor" sort of thing. Keeping in-house staff for a single news faction was always difficult, as we saw with the ongoing rise and fall of SAN. Perhaps that model would actually work better. I'd also be interested to see whether any developers have plans or ideas in mind for how news works in the script itself. The obvious answer is a phone app, which I think sounds doable. But when we get into the realms of TV and radio broadcasts, I'm not so sure. Most folks fell out with the idea of a global IC chat a while back, but maybe an opt-in alternative combined with TV script could work. On the topic of support for this sort of RP, paying for the articles or contributions is a clear win. However arguably that'd be paid by a business (or selection of businesses).. but maybe in the beginning, we just cover it ourselves as a sort of press wire to encourage news articles getting going in the first place. If a news app isn't going to be there for launch, this could be a forum section. Good thinking though I like this train of thought.
  21. Ur cows are cute. Also we stan the staff pic.
  22. Yeah there's still plenty of us around after all, even if there's gonna be a great illegal scene alongside it. Thanks! I love you, San Andreas Thanks for your feedback and yeah, couldn't agree more. It's great to hear you're into music and love the idea of forming a band! Hopefully you find some likeminded people to join you. I'll keep an ear to the ground and will connect you if I come across anyone. Also fully one hundred percent agree about the music industry, hiring of bands for venues and live music, big fan of that. What's your opinion on how it would work in practise - do you think we'd only realistically recognise people who have actually produced their own music? As in, basically disallowing claiming famous songs or other people's works as your own? I think this is pretty essential imo. Yep - hoping to get lots of videos and music and all sorts out of this. And the great thing is, it's something that so many people can get involved in. Just required creativity and talent, then we (the Gov) would be there ICly to help out with whatever's needed, and OOCly we can think about how the wider picture actually works. We can ask questions like "Should we have an area of the forums dedicated to the charts and in-game music?" and "Should we have an art gallery and if so where, how would it work, how do artists get paid?" etc. The main thing is gathering people who are interested in this RP together. Oh another thing to bring up is Sport, which is likely gonna fall under our remit as well. I've never really seen sports done particularly well on any other server, has anyone else? Open to ideas on that one.
  23. Ahhh ok right I think I understand this side a bit more now - so are you suggesting that "Anything which is not covered in the game, such as sports, can be substituted with what's going on in its real life equivalent"?
  24. Yeah exactly, agree wholeheartedly on this point. The server is naturally going to progress in its own direction and folks shouldn't be afraid of doing that for fear of being told "this isn't happening in LA" and to some extent, "this wouldn't likely happen in LA". As largehazard said, it's good to set things up properly in the beginning, then see where the RP naturally takes us.
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