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  1. conwell conwell how tf yall tried to do a hit and then u failed
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    bring back felony
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    was plat 1 a couple seasons ago, took a lil break and now cant get out of gold 2 xd
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    hell yeah we can play the new cod soon vibin
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    look at this dude
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    NBA 2K22

    Playing Current gen. The grind is long and dumb, it's like grinding to Elite/Legend every season which is a lot of work. I spent the first few weeks grinding on MyCareer for my badges so I basically missed my chance to hit level 40 this season, it's a joke. I thought it was going to be easy and you had to do challenges to level up but it's the same old rep system on grinding My-points in the park along with taking advantage of the 2X rep events. I don't regret buying the game cause it is fun to me but if you're not trying to become an upcoming streamer or content creator, don't waste your time grinding to level 40 every season cause it's not worth driving a go-kart around the park lol. They made hella changes compared to 2K21 and that's the only bright side of the game.
  7. Breaking Bad, Narcos Mexico and Columbia, Ozark
  8. It's dope I don't like how some episodes are 30 mins, then others are an hour. The season felt so short.
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  10. my friend here sami, he's already taken, and he's cracked at valorant my guy
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    mafia crip boyyy!!
  12. the man the myth the legend!
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