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  2. I'd argue that having the character creator fleshed out and working well is very important. For many people this is the first impression given of what LSRP will be when it releases, since this is the first time people have been able to really interact with the script in any meaningful way. My first impression was not great, seeing as how the sliders are bad to control at best. Not to mention the missing features regarding skin tone mixing and other things brought up in the thread. Mixing skin tones is a big part of getting your character to look right, and some people put hours into making their characters look just the way they want. So, I would say this is an urgent priority, unless there will be some way to change our character's facial features after launch.
  3. My biggest issue is the sliders. They are horrible to control. pls fix
  4. This is a good idea, but I think it has some flaws. For starters, I think that budgeting ammo might be a bit much. However, I do agree with the overall budget idea. This would also give some more RP to a finance division within PD that's responsible for managing and requesting funds. This'll tie in to the government and add some IC politics to the budget and such.
  5. .Bauer.


    hey are u like important or smth?
  6. make me undersheriff and u got it
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