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  1. Your idea is nice but the only problem is that it will cause lag to the server at some point, depending on how many vehicles are going to stay spawned. What will happen to vehicles of the players that don't log in often? What if you played 6 months, have 3-4 vehicles and then you leave. It would be nice to maybe have this as a feature but only if the vehicles is spawned when player's session begins and despawn it when the session of the player ends, limiting it to only one vehicle spawned. Also it depends a lot on the configurations of the VPS that LS-RP uses. If the server is running low on memory it will cause lag and problems to everyone despite your PC configuration,
  2. In my own opinion this is the way that things should go because if you take the previous entries in the GTA Series, in GTA:SA, San Andreas is a state that replaces California (with the only thing being added is Las Venturas that is a city based on Las Vegas that's located in the state of Nevada) Why? You have references about this cities in GTA V also and it is known that R* keeps creating entries in the series based on cities that date way back to the 2D Universe. Think about GTA IV that was based in Liberty City after GTA 3, GTA V that was based in Los Santos after GTA:SA, maybe we'll live to see the next entry in the series with Vice City, who knows? I don't really agree to this idea of banning mentions to Vice City and Liberty City, San Fierro and Las Venturas.
  3. To be honest I'd really love to try VR, tried once but on a rush. I'd love to play some Hitman 3 on PS VR or try LA Noire VR Cases. Then a few months ago Zuck, who also owns Oculus, said something about GTA San Andreas DE coming to VR.
  4. I speak some German, definitely want to learn this one better. Then Russian, Japanese and/or Korean
  5. I lke them all, especially the ones with cars and SD/PD
  6. I'm attracted to the wallet in your pocket
  7. andreei

    July Update

    All Patreons will be despite of how many months they were Patrons. If you had the 20€ tier * 1 month = 40€ * 120% = 48€ worth of credit.
  8. 760 - aight this is not going to take anymore longer.
  9. andreei

    July Update

    It's finally coming all together.
  10. andreei


    looks nice, keep it up Mike.
  11. that inventory looks nice. can be improved in some kind of a way but it's still nice. I like them all.
  12. andreei


    I wanna see how far will this go. Have fun and gl
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