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  1. good job. Waiting for that release date
  2. GTA : San Andreas. I also liked RTCW and L.A Noire.
  3. I don't think so. SA:MP was left behind by Kalcor. 0.3.8 (0.3 DL) had lots of new posibilities, but somehow Kalcor decided that it wasn't good enough. He even said that he isn't interested in maintaining SA:MP anymore, so why would you even continue playing a game that is outdated? Nothing was new to SA:MP, you were limited in every aspect.
  4. Also I would be exited to see some Hotels / Motels that are player owned. Some casinos around LS / SA.
  5. New skins, every character will be unique. New UI style without limitations. I'm looking forward to what kind of animations will you be able to use in LSRP V. Also excited for the roleplay.
  6. No, you can't. The old theme isn't uploaded on the new forum. This is the default theme.
  7. here since 2013. Good old memories.
  8. As some people mentioned above, I would be also interested in having the posibility of creating news companies and have the Government in charge of giving broadcast licenses for the companies. Would be nice to have multiple news companies created by the players than just one create by the server. This would make more space for legal roleplay. As far as I remember DamianC wanted to do something like this a long time ago, but it never happened unfortunately. Maybe with the new LS-RP coming to RAGE, someone will do this.
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