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  1. I've always hated the fact on the other server you literally had to pay close to 40 bucks a month (CAD) to open a business, it was nuts and I am at the point where I refuse to pay this price again. I could literally get Netflix, Spotify, and a couple other game subscriptions and still come under what I would pay for one month there.
  2. Awh yes, no more spamming through numbers until we find something we like.
  3. I'd play it if the map could be ported to rage, but in GTA 5 quality and said buildings/roads/textures being the same quality as the GTA 5 map.
  4. I'd say the script in general. There is a lot of possibilities now that we can use JavaScript and other web focused programming languages for the script.
  5. Probably a bit off topic, but I hope it's like the other server in regards to when a person enters, 1k is given to your business bank and it happens up to 40k, on top of a door fee.
  6. awh yes, something i've expected and wanted to read.
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