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  1. Where can I make an application for LSPD? I've made an account on the forum, could somebody link me?
  2. This is a guide that is going to walk you through how to roleplay a tough guy, many people have this perspective on how tough guy's should be roleplayed, many get this from movies however, we try to be as realistic as possible. Initially, this guide was written for La Cosa Nostra characters, but you can use this guide as a way to help you in other illegal faction characters. "So this is the life you want, huh?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TALK THE MOTHER-F*CKING TALK To be a tough guy, you have to talk tough. You gotta bring your inner Roy Sassu out. Don’t curse, don’t scream, just look someone right in the eye and make sure there’s conviction behind your voice. The bum on 7th Avenue can scream about socialism and the apocalypse as much as he wants, but that recklessness won’t fly with a tough guy. Michael Corleone was the king of tough talk. His cool demeanor yet fiery stare was the ultimate vocal combination. So, when I run into some stunad who insists on breaking my balls, I never respond by yelling. I simply look in his eyes and calmly say: “I would appreciate it if you met me outside to further resolve this matter.” Only I don’t use that exact phrasing... TAKE THE PAIN P****! Tough guys play hurt, take the pain and know that complaining is only for cafones who crave attention. The respect that comes from enduring pain is a lot better than the sympathy you get from moaning about it -- take your old-neighbourhood maniac Natale Turrisi for example, everything was upside down, backwards and inside out at the same time! President Roosevelt gave a speech despite the fact that he had just been shot in the chest. Now you have guys taking up hospital beds with a bad case of hangnail. I’m not saying you have to endure as much as Teddy, but remember that complaining is a sign of weakness, and it’s definitely not a sign that you can be a tough guy! CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTS, DON'T PICK THEM! Don’t go out looking for a fight. If you want to be a tough guy, you shouldn’t have anything to prove. A tough guy can distinguish which fights are worth fighting. No one respects a man who can’t brush off a petty altercation. However, it’s also hard to respect a man who doesn’t know when it’s time to flex. The important battles are the ones whose significance exceeds the actual confrontation. If a guy bumps into you, it’s probably not worth it. But if a guy bumps into your wife, marone, you better act up!! If not, you'll end up like Ralphie -- you could've beaten Angie Schifino black 'n' blue, he wouldn't do jack squat! MORAL VALUES There’s a method that must accompany the madness of every tough guy. He has principles and morals that he won’t compromise. He’s not just out there for himself, but something bigger. Whether it is trust, respect or honesty, a tough guy has values that he’ll never tolerate being tarnished. Defending his beliefs is always justified. And if he doesn’t act in their defence, he knows he’s a justifiable coward. In our thing, we value loyalty over anything else. If someone breaks that loyalty, we break their legs. And Dame, if you’re out there, you can’t hide forever!! MAN THE F*** UP! There’s a common myth that tough guys don’t fear anything. Trust me -- we do. The trick, however, is to hide that fear. Never wear your emotions on your sleeve. That’s a stain the dry cleaner can’t get out. The boss once asked me to meet him by the old loading docks and, sure, I thought I might be the victim of the recent “company downsizing,” but I knew the importance of acting unfazed. Once someone smells your fear, they’ll see you as weak and vulnerable, something you have to learn if you want to be a tough guy. IN THE END!? If my tips still leave you wondering how to be a tough guy since you don't wanna end up like your average Bruiser Chiodo, take a note from The Don himself. As Johnny Fontane cried to Vito Corleone: “Godfather, I don’t know what to do!” The Don didn’t respond with: “Have you tried psychoanalysis?” or “I know this great anti-depressant.” The Don simply said: “You can act like a man!” That is my overall advice to those who find themselves falling into the pit of softness. I’m not saying we’re all made out to be a tough guy, and I’m not saying my tips are the only ones to follow. However, I do know it’s never too late to regain your manhood. So throw down your chai lattes and stand the fuck up for yourself. Stand up for your principles and don’t let fear bog you down. Talk the talk, walk the walk and god dammit, ACT LIKE A MAN! Wham Chin Theo
  3. State of Grace, The Departed, Kill the Irishman, Black Mass - all good movies for inspiration
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