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Car Loans System in Los Santos Roleplay


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Hello Los Santos Roleplay Community,


I hope you're doing well. I'm reaching out to discuss a change to our current car loans system, aiming to make the game more realistic and interesting.


You may have noticed that money is already going around in the game right now compared to the first weeks when everything was hard. To keep things balanced and fun, I think it's a good idea to look into fixing the car loans system and people actually start paying for them.


Right now, we have enough money going around, and improving the car loans system can be the next step in making the economy better. By doing this, we can create a more lifelike and rewarding experience for players.


Here are a few reasons why fixing the car loans system is important:

  1. Balancing the Economy:

    • Since now we have money moving around, we should make ways for players to lose money in a fair way. Fixing the car loans system can help players face financial challenges, making owning a vehicle more meaningful.
  2. Encouraging Responsible Ownership:

    • Many players are driving vehicles without worrying about repaying loans. Fixing the car loans system will make players think more about their choices, encouraging responsible ownership.
  3. Money Circulation:

    • A good car loans system helps money move around in the game. This means that players not only get money but also spend it, making the in-game economy more dynamic.


In conclusion, fixing the car loans system is an important step in keeping the game interesting and balanced. It adds a realistic challenge that makes the game better for everyone.


Feel free to share your thoughts on this proposal. Let's work together to make sure Los Santos Roleplay stays exciting and fun for everyone.

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+1 and you may also consider the following to enhance the targeted effects of A. players spending money and B. Money circulating by used car sales and also giving C. players more options to have a individual experience

4. deactivate /fixcar everywhere
5. deactivate OOC vehicle towing ((give tow rights to testers so ppl can do /helpme or /re for it if they clip into the abyss))

6. adjust vehicle prices

7. add missing vehicles to the pdm like cheburek


8. add dealership for commercials /copy paste pdm, rename it, add rumpo, burrito, etc.

9. add more bikes to the bike dealerships some still missing to public

a9wQGYD.png      bBlHF72.pngj6wIKHj.png

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Great suggestions, so far inflation is raising and people have money going around 

Beside the car loan, I would to also suggest making clothing items cost money, all clothes are free.

Adjust accessories prices.

Add more vehicles to the store

And please for the love of god, adjust some of the vehicles prices!

And let us buy the houses were renting !

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2 hours ago, HIVE.MIND said:

4. deactivate /fixcar everywhere

I'd say we still need this, as ragemp tends to make windows and lights pop out randomly. 


Maybe it could be adjusted only to work on lights and windows? And limit it's usage with a cool-down period. Asking for money at this point doesn't seem fair imo.


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  • Lead Developer

/fixcar everywhere is actually a bug that I haven't found reason to fix yet, the intentional behaviour is that you have to go to a mechanic garage to use it and it costs about 50% more than if another player mechanic does /offerrepair


As for fixing the loans, it's not as simple as fixing the cause. The loan system will take 1 payment for every week you haven't paid, meaning some people will pay 20 weeks' worth of loan payments in one hour, which is no bueno

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of course inflation is happening theres no circulation or outgoing costs because of the low playbase. managing the economy to fix this will only worsen it for new players who join or come back. it isnt a bad thing allowing people to rp what they want lol paying loans != incentive to log ig they're two separate things


confusing as to why ud adjust the economy to the miniscule amount of people who play now and not adjust the economy to the hoards of people you lost/want to regain


fix the loan system

lower overall car prices

add very cheap beginner cars that you can outright purchase on a new character

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