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You Must Adhere to the Rules...




Hello everyone


In order to make the rules easier to navigate and understand, we have decided to move them away from the forums and onto our very own wiki page! It will still be accessable from our boards, as you can easily click the "Rules" tab on the menu bar.




The rules are split into five different categories:

  • Server Rules
  • Account Rules
  • Forum Rules
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Legal Faction Rules


With the rules being listed on our wiki page, we are able to easily make changes to them and we will be able to see what was different in the respective revisions of them. Furthermore, every player will be able to see the rules directly in game by simply using "/help rules" or "/help deathmatch" and it will open the rulebook for deathmatching.


We are releasing the rules now so that everyone has the time to study them closely before the server opens. Please remember that it is your own responsibility to keep up to date on any rule changes applied, so give the rulebook a thorough read. You can also find the new wiki rules page here.


Happy reading,

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Recommended Comments

  • Management

We have removed this part from rule #5:


"Using a controller is not allowed as controller players may provide an unfair advantage to those on a mouse and keyboard."


We have disabled assisted aim for controller users, meaning they will always be forced to be in the free aim mode.

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  • Lead Developer
32 minutes ago, Brasi said:

Why does the wiki perform so poor/slowly?

It's almost instantaneous for me, may be an issue on your end.

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27 minutes ago, Kane said:

It's almost instantaneous for me, may be an issue on your end.

I suppose so. I've been having the issue on it since yesterday and figured just a good amount of people have been going to it. I guess it's me then.




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