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Application Schedule & Some #snippets




Hey everyone,


We're now just a little over two weeks before our scheduled release and new features are getting added into our game mode left and right. There's still a lot of work remaining and we're going full steam ahead, though I can really tell it's all slowly coming together. Allow me to give you a few updates on the upcoming two weeks so you know what to expect.


Character Applications

Everyone will be able to submit a character application starting February 14th. Until then the applications remain locked for our Patrons only. We anticipate a large amount of applications, so if you want to be 100% sure yours gets handled in time for the release, I suggest you submit it before the 14th.


Similar story goes for the character creation server, which will become available to the public on February 20th. You will be able to customize your character however many times you wish before the server launch. After launch, you won't be able to alter an existing character appearance - just set it once and it's done.


Staff Reinstatements

We've decided on all staff reinstatements submitted and will be announcing & processing them on February 14th along with public character applications.


Development Updates

Due to the sheer amount of updates that are happening recently and how close we are to release, I won't bore you with paragraphs; here's some screenshots instead.












Etc. If you've been keeping up with #snippets on our Discord, you've probably seen some of these already.


On a personal note ...

Today also marks a special occasion for me personally — it's exactly ten years since I got accepted into LS-RP and started roleplaying. It's been a wild ride and what excites me the most is that it's nowhere near over. The opposite actually, we're inching closer and closer to the next chapter for the community and I can already tell it's going to be awesome. The sheer amount of energy, effort and dedication from everyone starts to show and despite any hurdles we may encounter during launch, I'm certain we've got something great on our hands. Anyway, I'll save the speech for later; just wanted to thank you for keeping me entertained for the past ten years, and letting me create cool shit for you to enjoy for most of them.


Stay posted & Keep in touch

- Mm








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Grats on 10 years Mmartin. Also, a thank you to the development team for working their asses off to make it possible.


Dream work makes the team work! Roll it on baby!!🥳

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