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  1. yo im @Wavy and @Glxck .22's father some call me a carrier of factions it smell like bitch in here
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    we dont remember u, go back to gta:w u mallrat, we all know u created bigbootystudios
  3. I hate zalenac. - Jose Bermudez.
  4. HOOVER CRIMINAL UMBRELLA: The Hoover Criminal Gangs (HCG) are a predominately African-American and they have adapted there name after the street Hoover Street. Hoover Street is between Vermont Avenue, Figueroa Avenue on the West Side Los Santos, Forum Drive. The hoovers consist of seven street gangs under the umbrella. The Criminals casually wears Houston Astros as their insignia as they uses the Orange color that is the major color for the team, as that what made Hoovers pick that as there known color they rep also they use the “H” to represent Hoover. The hoovers fued and beef with East Coast Crips, Raymond Avenue Crips, Rollin 0’s Crips, Rollin 100’s, All Neighborhood Crips, Main Street Mafia Crips. HOOVER GROOVERS: The street gang Hoover Criminals appeared in the 1960’s, were known back then as the Hoover Groovers as there title. The Hoover Groovers at the time, have been around for quiet sometime before the transformation to the Crips Card. One member from the Hoover Groovers, younger brother was tragedy killed and the huge allegations were blamed on The West Side Crips. The Hoover Groovers and the West Side Crips came together at the Saint Andrews Recreation Center located on Saint Andrews Pl. The two street gangs came up with a conclusion and believed the Figueroa Boys for the murder of there affiliate. W/S 94 HOOVER CRIMINALS: The 94 Hoover Criminal Gang (94HCG) also known as The Low Downs, or 9-Foe Hoover Criminal Gang are a predominately African-American street gang. The Low Downs are located in the housing projects on the corner of Innocence Blvd and Roy Lowenstein Blvd, and can often be seen posted up at the projects, or the corner store near Davis Avenue and Innocence Blvd. The 94 Hoover Criminals are a subset under the Hoover Criminal umbrella. The Low Downs are in a close alliance with all other Hoover Criminals sets, and all under the Hoover umbrella. They rival with sets such as 984 Main Street Crip, Vermont Ness Gangster Brims, all NHC sets, East Coast Crips, 97 Gangster Crip, and 87 Gangster Crip. MAIN STREET WAR: In the early 2000s, Hoover Criminals and 98 Main Street Mafia Crip were close and would often be seen together and partying together. But in August 2009, at a house party in Main Street Mafia Crips turf, there was an altercation between the two sets which was allegedly over a female. The beef quickly heated up and escalated beyond the point of saving. The two groups quickly started throwing out disses to the opposing set and their dead homies, which turned into a large brawl between the two groups in just minutes. After the brawl, gunfire was exchanged but nobody was reportedly hit. Hours later, the older heads between the two tried to step in and calm the situation down, but at that point it had went too far. Various Hoover Criminal sets would take part in hits on the Main Street Crips, and MSC would retaliate. The cycle has been going on for some time, and there has been too much blood shed on either side for their to be a truce in the coming years. 98 Main street Mafia Crip and 84 Main Street Mafia Crip would grow closer and form an alliance, dropping the Mafia from their name and forming under a new set called 984 Main Street Crip, and would continue to rival with anybody under the Hoover Criminal umbrella as one. MODERN DAY / TODAY: ‏‏‎ ‏‏‏‎94 Hoover Criminal Gang, known to be a conservative yet trustworthy street gang keeping up with and being oppressively of their area in the Westside of Forum Drive. When tested, they are recognizable to hold their ground and satisfying their name with their wild and ruthless ways. Having an extreme presence locally, 94HGC expects to enlist at a youthful age, abusing the broken families and destitution stricken families. Vivacious leap ins as an inception turned into a practice, youthful volunteers went through a 65 second severe beatdown while another part checked, possibly happening when members were endorsed in or dismissed from the gang. It didn't take long for newcomers to be related to the Low Down’s by nearby police requirement, law authorization notes down any naughty gang action, wearing group athletic equipment, stumbling into difficulty at school, or web-based media. Presently, in 2021 the 94 Hoover Criminals are comprised of youthful dynamic individuals, with young people marked as shot-guests. The way that they're so youthful, they've been named as a youthful, crazy, and rough street gang. Credit: Slimey/Frnchise/Me.
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