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  1. HP3

    July Update

    GTA World is releasing a 2nd server in Liberty City and you guys are still figuring out how to even be good community leaders. Fuckin' pathetic, just open the SAMP server back up and collaborate with Open.mp and let it die there, cause this ain't going anywhere on RageMP, especially with the piss poor communication.
  2. HP3

    July Update

    lol the community got lied to again by the con artist himself known as @Mmartin. Dude just give the community to someone else who really cares about it, obviously you don't. You're a terrible community leader and you need to just pack it in and leave.
  3. HP3

    March Release Update

    I was so excited for this. I get it real life is a priority. But you guys are proving you have not changed at all with how you handle things and updates. Its going to be the same old stuff with MMartin going radio silent again. Disappointing to the say the least. This is why I cancelled my patreon. The hype has been completely killed for me
  4. These are awesome. Holy hell
  5. The quiz is very good as is, but thats just my opinion.
  6. Always used VisualV when I played LSPDFR. However Rage has been having problems with EAC and graphics mods. So Vanilla when the server launches.
  7. The server for customization is so easy to navigate. I can't wait for full launch!
  8. HP3

    San Andreas Law!

    Not bad. As someone who is going to rp a Deputy Sheriff, it is very easy to read and understand. Great work.
  9. If I may ask, what makes AltV better than Rage or FiveM for that matter? It looks really basic to me.
  10. HP3

    Applications Open

    Sweet! Excited for the opening!
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