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  1. No it isn't. there's several malls across the city. No violent crime, in south central? come on bro.
  2. Los Angeles doesn't have 1000000 postal codes, it has one. 213. Good effort though.
  3. we definitely need a few real life clothing items like what they added on the other community, they're pretty much needed for gang roleplay, at the least, add clothes that look gang related, cause none of the GTA Online clothing items look gang related whatsoever. We need baggy clothes, jerseys with #13 on them, shorts with long socks, bandannas, things of that nature.
  4. It'd be cool to be able to lace people's cocaine with rat poison if they give you attitude before the deal.
  5. as someone previously said, we're going forward, not backwards. SAMP is the past, GTA V is the future of roleplay.
  6. I generally just avoid mentioning LA and ignore any mention of Los Angeles in IC conversations. Some might see it as bad, but for me, it's for immersion reasons.
  7. I highly doubt they'll be used, majority of the body mods r kinda trash and unrealistic, making women have massive bubble butts but skinny bodies & making all male characters buff. that's the extent that body mods go, they don't make characters overweight or benefit roleplay in any way whatsoever.
  8. rich lesbian rp is overrated and boring imo. same with street racing rp.
  9. unfortunately the only way this'd be allowed is through the use of NPC's skins, gta v's freemode skins dont rly work like that.
  10. lets just stick to V street names, people have already started naming their facs after Los Santos (V) streets.
  11. not sure if its been suggested yet, but a guides section.
  12. Glass bongs are superior. Don't @ me.
  13. Street gang roleplay mainly, maybe some organized crime or legal rp, don't quite know yet.
  14. The new map, immersive and diverse neighborhoods, the new graphics, rp opportunities.
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