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  1. Only a good trailer cause I'm in it. You're welcome
  2. Based on snippets and samp, it looks like we will have realistic damage
  3. What are your thoughts on having limited / realistic ammo capacity for weapons on LSRP? The way I see it, no one should be running around with 10 spare mags for their pistol. It's just not realistic. Sure you might find a few people in real life that always carry a spare mag or 2 but let's be real, no one is running around with 400 rounds in their pocket. The only exception to this should be law enforcement obviously. Personally I think ammo capacity should be limited to 1 or 2 magazines for civilians. If someone wants to buy more ammo by all means let them, but I do think it should be kept realistic. Maybe require something like a backpack if someone is looking to carry more than the capped amount of 1-2 mags. This could add an interesting dynamic into shootouts and make people think their plans out more. Got into a shootout and missed all of your shots? Oh well, shit out of luck. Anyways, I'm interested in what the community thinks about limited ammo capacities. Let me know what you think.
  4. 1/10 What's the difference between an oral and a rectal thermometer? The taste
  5. I don't think forced CKs should be a thing. Leave it the way it is with CK agreements. As for the prison aspect, I 100% agree with what @pure north said. It'd be nice to have an actual court system although I think it should maybe be limited to something like felonies and federal crimes to avoid clogging the system. Players should be able to rp as a lawyer for hire or work towards a career as a state attorney if they want to. A court system would also allow for civil cases. Prison time should decrease when not in-game possibly at a slightly slower rate than when in-game or players should be limited to spending only like 95% of the sentence offline and must serve the remainder in-game to encourage prison rp. Prison rp can add a lot to character development, especially if your focus is illegal rp. That's my 2 cents.
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