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  1. yes just woke up, u up ?
  2. I'll say it like this, FiveM, Alt:V, Rage:MP... it is what it is, people come from all over. With how big RP is on GTA 5, you have people from other RPG games not even GTA related, coming to GTA servers, some prefer text base and might come to LS-RP:V. We were all "newbies" at one point in time, and we all improved with help. Just because you're a good roleplayer, doesn't give you the right to act entitled and better than the next. That was an issue on SAMP too, the "elitism" mentality which I highly despise and irks me to this very day. Players should instead help one and other, because that's the only way we'll ever get anywhere.
  3. That's fucked, a lot of Organized Crime figures have got college/uni education IRL. Restricting players from using a uni to help fund their development, whether it's illegal or legal, is a bad thing.
  4. So basically if it's a "company/business" in the script more furniture slots are automatically enabled is what you're suggesting?
  5. I agree with this list, although I believe having furniture slots to buy permanent separately is also good. Bit more expensive, but 1250 slots on GTA5 is nothing. A lot of V interiors sometimes take up 2-3k slots if they're high end ones. DETAIL is everything in furnishing on V, unlike SAMP.
  6. Freedom Fighter

    ATM Preview

    time to defraud the gov and put skimmers all over
  7. This ^ but make it a universal journalist blog for any News Agency / Independent Journalist to use.
  8. I've always played Devil's Advocate around this type of thing, even back on SA:MP back on LS-RP I payed Devil's Advocate for the most part. I'm going to be real, I mostly played LS from 2017 to 2021, and from 2019-2020 the legal scene was thriving in my opinion. I seen many non-illegal businesses, characters, and companies being opened, etc. The issue? Well the issue is that it was SA:MP, and SA:MP as we knew it wasn't as big as RAGE:MP. But another thing? The term and usage of "Mallrat" also killed civilian roleplay, because you'd have genuine civilian characters that would try be serious and then an illegal roleplayer just used to be like: "Huehuehuehue MALLRAT haahahahaha! LOL!". That sort of mentality most definitely demotivated civilian roleplayers, the civ pop was there but wasn't big due to it being SA:MP, but that mentality most definitely did more damage than good on top of the already small civilian playerbase. Civilian roleplay is needed for criminal ventures too, most of the times it's civilians buying drugs to forget about their hard life, civilians going to Organized Crime owned businesses, civilians that're friends with two rival gangs and possibly mouthing off which leads to one gang member being killed by another, civilians supporting Motorcycle Club events, etc. I'd honestly be here all day if I was to list them. The point is, as much as LS-RP was illegal driven, it needs to be 50/50. As an illegal roleplayer, dominantly, I will say 100% focusing on the illegal scene is not going to do any good in the long run. We need civilians for roleplay. A lot of times criminals have lives, they're human too... most of their social life with friends? They're civilians who they socialize with a lot of the times. I could be here the entire day listing how both worlds intertwine. My opinion? Get rid of the "legal" and "illegal" mentality. Just make it a "life" mentality. You got civilians who do illegal things IRL but aren't criminals, you got criminals who mostly do legal stuff IRL but aren't average civilians. Encouraging civilian owned businesses, and systems would be most definitely beneficial long term.
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