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  1. OUT OF CHARACTER This faction will be aiming to roleplay somewhat of a modern-day esque Arellano Felix Organization plenipotentiary within the United States of America, that is business oriented and very modernized in terms of the criminal element and civilian side of stuff related to legal business roleplay. If you're expecting "cartel" roleplay, you're at the wrong place as full fledged cartels don't exist in the United States of America, but their plenipotentiaries who're loosely affiliated with cells and Mexican Transnational Organized Crime cells operate in and around which is what we'll be roleplay. If you're expecting roleplay situations as if we're located and actively roleplaying somewhere in Mexico, you're at the wrong place as it doesn't make sense to do that in a United States of America based concept, the cartel plenipotentiaries that do operate in the United States of America are basically shadow organizations that you don't even know exist till the very last second; literally meaning the aim of this concept is to roleplay literal businessmen and/or businesswomen in the criminal underworld as that's what Narco operatives in the U.S.A for the most part are; roleplaying with vested up Kevlars saying Tijuana Cartel or Sinaloa Cartel and riding around 4 deep with M4A1 Carbines is absolutely abysmal portrayal and will under any circumstance not be tolerated here. We aim to portray an Arellano Felix Organization based plenipotentiary to the best of our ability, and we're not looking for people who're trying to act like El Mayo, El Chapo or El Z-40 or something drug lord driven as drug lords like that wouldn't make sense to actively operate in the United States of America. Anyone who joins this faction with the intention to build up a Scarface like character development will quickly find themselves in the gulag alongside being permanently banned from the faction with no chance of ever rejoining in the near future; we take our portrayal very serious and hope those who wish to join will do the same. Now, don't let this mislead you from joining and making you think we're "elitists" with a "my way or no way" mentality, I have no problem alongside everyone else in the faction; with teaching new-comers how to accurately pull off such concept but the issues relating to a faction ban will occur if you are given advice and choose to ignore said advice after countless attempts of being approached in a helpful manner. Meaning, we're open and glad to welcome new-comers; but they need to be understanding of the fact they'll need to listen when helpful advice is given to them. Another big misconception with plenipotentiary roleplay is that you need narcotics for your roleplay, which isn't true at all because there's plenty of cartel cell plenipotentiaries that have sub-cells which are focused on financial crime such as money laundering cash in the United States of America for Mexican based clans/families, and money transportation from the United States of America to Mexico; one example being the crypto exchange, which is a very underrated roleplay concept. Meaning if you're planning to join this faction with the intention to gain instant access to narcotics with ease and other stuff, you're going to find yourself in a tough spot where you'll be stuck. We require those waning to join us to take time to research the concept, and join with a character that isn't merely just built for the faction. We encourage people to bring new ideas to the table and stuff, the sky is the limit essentially speaking; don't restrict yourself when you want to join. For example, we've said it before in our Discord and will say it here publicly; stuff like auto-theft with the aim of RPly smuggling the vehicles back into Mexico, human trafficking, money laundering and stuff can all be done as they're also done in real life by Narco operatives too. Another thing I'm going to stress here is that when you do have the intention to join the project, bare in mind we prioritize character development over everything. Our leadership doesn't want to see characters created for the faction, acting like NPC robots obeying every single command and being picture perfect gangsters and/or mobsters. We encourage people to be unique, fuck-up once in a while, bring diversity to the faction, etc. Which leads me to my other point, you don't have to roleplay Mexican. This is a very bad stereotypical mentality that I believe stemmed from SAMP that led people to believe if you weren't Mexican; you couldn't be involved. This couldn't be further from the truth at all, in fact quite the opposite; in the United States of America, Mexican Transnational Organized Crime cells normally employ anyone who's trustworthy and reliable enough to help keep the operation running, be it a simple drug mule, a banker involved in money laundering or a mechanic involved in the automotive side of things. Mexican Transnational Organized Crime cells have been recorded to have people of Asian-American, African-American, Caucasian-American and Middle-Eastern-American descent be employed within their ranks. People who join the faction require screenshot permission from leadership before posting on the thread, and must also acknowledge that they can be character killed once posting a screenshot on the thread or after 2 weeks of interaction without the need of willingly sending it in, as seen here: https://wiki.ls-rp.com/books/rules-of-engagement/page/6-agreements The reason I'm typing a book here practically, is to inform any people who're aspiring to join our project, that while we are going to have fun we're also going to be really strict and realistic with the concept at the same time.. If you think that The Interstate-5 Group would be a project that you'd like to take part in, then feel free to join via the Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/cEuxYwT4dn Points Of Contact: @Freedom Fighter @EGN @Jaylen_
  2. Below you'll find an application to join the project, the reason we do this is for realism and portrayal for new-comers so they can get the vibe we're aiming for. COYOTE ROLEPLAY APPLICATION: (MUST BE SENT TO MINE OR @KC..'s PRIVATE MESSAGES) CHARACTER NAME: CHARACTER AGE: BIRTHPLACE: ETHNICITY: PERSONALITY: THEIR STORY: (YOU'RE EXPECTED TO EXPLAIN WHY HE/SHE IS PAYING COYOTES TO SMUGGLE THEM ACROSS) FLAWS: RELEASED CONVICT ROLEPLAY APPLICATION: (MUST BE SENT TO MINE OR @KC..'s PRIVATE MESSAGES) CHARACTER NAME: CHARACTER AGE: BIRTHPLACE: ETHNICITY: PERSONALITY: THEIR STORY: (YOU'RE EXPECTED TO EXPLAIN WHY HE/SHE WAS ARRESTED, CHARGES THEY HAD ETC) FLAWS: When doing either of these two roleplays, they're mostly directed at people who want to get involved in the criminal underworld of our faction. But we won't stop immigrant characters or ex-cons from being legally involved someway or another, although it is easy to be a legal character and all you must simply do is work around the faction's businesses; which you'll receive an invite to our Discord then or you can join prior with the link below. Below is a slang list for Paisa Slang incase anyone decides to interact with us, etc this will be beneficial to the entire community:
  3. A bright theme would be cool for those who wish to have personal preference and set the forum to their liking.
  4. 100% it's something that always irked me too and drove me practically insane, I've been trying to set a good standard for a while now but some people sadly just don't listen.
  5. Allowing mixing of two different skin tones too should be a thing
  6. yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr my canadian brethren
  7. how about it.... hooooot coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that be me, fuck leatherface... we killer clowns here hi yezzzzzir, u up tho?
  8. Used to use QuantV but no longer have the updated version. Currently looking for something else.
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