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  1. I'm all for events, under the circumstance that they aren't game-breaking. Earthquakes sound good in theory, but practically make no sense, especially if you make major changes to the map with major buildings torn down; realistically these take years to build as is, imagine having to reconstruct them after an earthquake; some places in San Francisco still haven't been entirely rebuilt. Music festivals, NASCAR racing, normal racing, horse racing, beach events, charity events, protests and stuff like parades for Cinco de Mayo or St Patrick's Day would be cool.
  2. I fully support this as it also encourages legal RP outside of just being FD/PD/GOV. We need more legal civilian roleplayers, to make the server feel alive, implementing a job like this is a start. As much of an illegal RPer I am, I need to be unbiased and say that the last thing we want is a Cops vs Robbers mentality, so having a lot of things NPC'd just won't work. We should give players a full opportunity to own 24/7s, own Car Dealerships, own Gas Stations and even be Real Estate agents if they wish. All of these can also easily tie into illegal roleplay, e.g financial crime such as money laundering.
  3. Customization is quite in depth and I'm sure you all will love it at launch!
  4. set a standard for Mexican Transnational Organized Crime
  5. Would be cool to have one made for the entirety of SA ngl
  6. I think letting anyone make a news thing is better, opens the ability for everything. IRL there's reporting agencies specifically for war, crime, food, sports, cars etc, and this would give people a chance to open a news agency for specifically looking at crime, another for a bit of everything, another for businesses in the local area. I don't think news agencies should get official though, not unless they bring something ultra unique to the server.
  7. Start off with simple pointers, let in character events influence & shape your character, be realistic whilst doing so. This always worked for me.
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