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  1. 50p

    July Update

    we're currently targeting to release in August
  2. 50p

    Superbike / MotoGP

    Excitement went out of the gp after the 2015 season battle between Rossi and Marquez for me. Haven’t been interested much since.
  3. Tyson v Whyte this Saturday
  4. A skateboard bro https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/skatev
  5. don't how to install minecraft mods?
  6. if i did, i wouldn't brag about it here
  7. 50p

    March Release Update

    Set a release date that gives you double the time you actually need, then feed the community some good news by telling them it's ready and in early testing. Build anticipation, not disappointment. It would be better to tell the community it'll be X months than X days which makes the schedule too tight. People are fickle, they lose interest. I'm sure you already know this.
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