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  1. his book is also amazing worth reading
  2. overhyped underdelivered ea games still beta tho
  3. With Canelo against Plant and Fury vs Wilder 3 coming up, I thought it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to the sweet science! Who's your favorite fighter? What's your preferred style? Picks for the upcoming fights!
  4. Well perhaps someone did not follow the sport enough in order to hear about a undefeated prospect with high level wrestling in order to hear about him.:D TMZ Fans GSP had his title shot in his third fight. Khabib got it in his 10th. Got lit up by Penn on his feet, tapped to strikes against Matt and submitted by Hughes. Gifted a victory over Hendricks. I feel like it's a bunch of newtards trying to act like they know anything by talking trash about the current era fighters and overrating the previous ones.
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