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  1. Actually, when we talk about the Italian Organized Crime ( Mafia-Like Organizations ), we rarely distinguish between the various types of criminal organizations that populate Italy and that often migrate to other continents safeguarding traditions of the criminal organization they were part of. 

The main differences are found in:
 Jobs they handle The way they threat petty crime The way they act Where they come from In 2021 have been officially recognized some mafia-like organizations operating both in Southern and Northern Italy with countless imports of drugs and weapons from different continents. What are these recognized criminal organizations? Cosa Nostra ( or Sicilian Mafia ) - Sicily 'Ndrangheta - Calabria Camorra - Campania Sacra Corona Unita - Puglia And other small groups affiliated with these criminal organizations WHERE IT ALL STARTED: COSA NOSTRA The criminal organization that started the phenomenon commonly referred to as the "mafia" General Info: With the passing years the structure and the organization have been lost, in fact the old marked hierarchy ( Consigliere, Capodecina, Soldier etc.. ) has practically disappeared. The structure of this criminal organization is now homologated to the structure of the other organizations since the criminal organization way of acting has changed radically compared to the last century. Jobs they Handle: drugs trafficking, guns trade, money laundering, protection service, manipulation of the legal system. Petty Crime: Cosa Nostra ( or Sicilian Mafia ) doesn't care about petty crime and the reason is simple. Actually one of their income just comes from protection service that is related to petty crime. Violence: MEDIUM - If the situation is resolvable in a contained or violent way, they will choose the contained way unless they want to teach a lesson. Where they come from: Sicily, Italy. 'NDRANGHETA The most violent mafia-like organization born in Italy General Info: The mafia-like criminal organization commonly called "'Ndrangheta" is not only a simple mafia-like criminal organization. It is the most violent mafia-like organization. It has a precise structure followed and idolized so much that it has never been changed since its inception. Structure: Everything comes to life through families called "ndrine". A set of ndrine is called "local". A local has its boss who has the right to decide if a person has to live or to die, an accountant, and a "crime" that deals with relations with other criminal organizations. The important thing is that there isn't just a "local" but there are several locals scattered all around the place they want to control. Jobs they Handle: drugs trafficking, guns trade, money laundering, protection service, manipulation of the legal system, countless investments on the stock exchange for foreign shares, scams Petty Crime: They do not admit it, therefore they usually repress the perpetrators of petty crime. Violence: HIGH Where they come from: Calabria, Italy CAMORRA One of the most ancient mafia-like criminal organizations in Italy General Info: What does "Camorra" mean? "Camorra [...], in the general meaning of the word, designates much more than the association [...] The word applies to all abuses of force or influence" ( Marc Monnier ). It is one of the most ancient mafia-like criminal organizations in Italy and the second one in terms of violence. Structure: This organization is divided into individual groups called "clans". Each clan differ from each other by type of influence on the territory, organizational structure, economic strength and their way to act. Each clan has a "boss" and each boss can manage up to hundreds of affiliates, depending on the power and structure of each clan. Jobs they Handle: The main activities of the Camorra are drug trafficking, racketeering, counterfeiting and money laundering. Furthermore, it is not unusual for the Camorra clans to infiltrate the politics of their respective areas. Petty Crime: They favor petty crime. Violence: HIGH Where they come from: Campania, Italy EVOLUTION: WIP
  2. ORIGINS OF THE PELLEGRINO FAMILY The Pellegrino's in New York, 2012. Riccardo Pellegrino was an active member from within the Five Families, he had gained notoriety and power originally through working with the Mangano family in New York, he had worked many hefty years deep within the family and was selected to work alongside the capo di tutti i capi (boss of all bosses) as a personal member of his security detail, he had believed heavily in the ideals that the family had laid out, and had often worked hard to display his loyalty to the cause. As a result of his hard work, Riccardo Pellegrino was selected by the capo di tutti i capi (with the support of the other families in the council) to expand and create his own connections within the region of Los Santos, in an attempt to bring more favourable and reliable sources for the mafia to work with. As a result, Riccardo had grabbed both his sons, Vito Pellegrino and Salvatore Pellegrino, and drove around the streets of New York, selecting those that would accompany them in their journey to vie for power in Los Santos, they had managed to scramble together a mixture of made men from the families around New York, wherein they had drove in a small convoy to Los Santos, upon their arrival they had decided to situate themselves in the rich suburbs of Mirror Park in an attempt to conform with the rich suburban life, whilst making any partners they could with rich individuals, however they had always decided to keep their mafia lifestyle private, in order to keep the family operating properly. Opening the first doors, 2018 Around the time of 2018, both Vito Pellegrino and Salvatore Pellegrino had assembled their own small crews within the family, they had went around attempting to make contact with some of the other families situated within Los Santos, they had came across some minor groups and had developed close bonds with them, this was before eventually deciding that the groups were small enough to add into their own ranks, and with that they had began making certain bribes and promises, which had resulted in a few leaders being eliminated, with both of their sons picking up the pieces, making the remains scramble into the ranks of Pellegrino. He believed that this would be a great way to gain some power within the area, many of these individuals had ended up establishing deep bonds within the family, and even went on to become made men with a variety of roles, whether it be pushing out produce for Riccardo, or potentially even passing around weapons to deal with risky situations, the family was very well organised and had made a somewhat small wave within LS. Mirror Park, 2021. As time went by, the Pellegrino's had managed to grasp a small firm of power from their holdings in Mirror Park, they are often seen pushing out drugs to specific street gangs in order to make some profit, whilst at the same time establishing bonds with leaders with certain characters of power on the streets, they had made a good income from how fast they were managing to push the produce that was given to them from the families of New York, and had managed to invest their money into investing with certain businesses, sometimes they'd even hold illegal gambling sessions in order to make a great profit from those looking to make pretty pennies in the underground world. Certain individuals involved with the family had decided to go back to New York and work back with the Families again, whereas Riccardo had kept his forefront going in the city, landing himself a restaurant named 'Grino's Fine Dining' just along the main strip of Mirror Park, nearby the shopping centre, he had believed it would be a great way to start making some legal money, whilst at the same time bringing traction to the family name, which had slowly worked through some of Riccardo's own recipe's that were given to him through some prior generations of chefs throughout his family. So far he has made himself a somewhat small and reputable reputation in the eyes of the public, and has secretly been attempting to bring in the right amount of funds to expand his monopoly into supplying and uniting other families around the area, potentially inviting them to join a council wherein politics can be peacefully discussed between the families, whilst at the same time allowing everyone to work together hand in hand. OOC Information
  3. DISCORD If you're interested in learning more about our faction, feel free to join our discord, say hello and check out the faction information channel. LINK https://discord.gg/pF8PYW4xdg
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