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  1. Looking great, can't wait to see what other events get planned!
  2. Looking great, thank you Kane & Java and other admins!
  3. Regarding makeup, it needs to be reworked /heavily/ as makeup fades away within 45minutes. I also don't like it being a chore to having to reapply it. I think it'd be a nicer system for use to be able to /savemakeup to a certain outfit if we like when applying it. but I'd rather not have to continuously re-apply it back to back idk. I believe this is already being worked on though as I've mentioned in other posts. I'd also like necklaces/collars added into the server and new furnishing items like proper, usable chandeliers would be nice and different shades of colors like dark purple, straight black for walls, arcade machines etc. I also believe that businesses/business owners should automatically get 600 furniture slots, at least for the time being for more people to be interested in running businesses and creating a great rp atmosphere without a pay-wall until the right time comes, house furniture slots can remain behind a paywall. That's about it from me currently!
  4. This is great news, I hope these things listed get pushed surely. I think a big factor is clothing mods along with fixing the makeup script in terms of saving makeup to outfits. - Currently eyeliner/makeup lasts roughly 45minutes before fading away completely which is annoying and I honestly don't want to keep having to apply it every few hours, just make it easy I wanna put it on once honestly and save it to whatever outfit I want whenever. I've mentioned it a bunch of times in the past, people like it user friendly and like to have a bit of diversity for creating a character, not only their face but what they wear etc. It is very important. Also, being able to be apart of multiple companies at once, I'd personally aim for 4 companies to be able to join simultaneously. I think it kind of irritates players when they have to constantly quit/join companies to have access to certain things or to progress for 30minutes of rp to then rejoin the following day, It's a pain. I believe this is already being worked on, but I noticed it wasn't listed. Modded Vehicles, More Furnishing items would be great as well. - Make sure there's some convertible 4 door vehicles, would be great! But otherwise, I put a lot of hours into LSRP and have done some amazing designs on the server, I'm glad LSRP is here on GTA V. I have high hopes for the LSRP Administration team and wish you all the best in getting the motivation you need and to push out what needs to be pushed out for LSRP's success for many years to come! And also keep in mind, this is the pioneer days of LSRP V and I'm surely proud to be apart of it!
  5. Amazing, keep up the great work!
  6. Where's Wally - Where's Mmartin! - I see him in the middle!
  7. It's beautiful! I was really expecting something like " Lucas Forman " somehow sneaking into the anthem. But ya, it's great.
  8. I agree with @PlayerX here, 4 hours per 7 days is too much personally, a player could get sick irl and unable to login, etc. It should be maybe 4hours per 14 days maximum, 2 hours every 14 days is fine in my opinion as well. There's a new financing system anyway that'll remove it from the players that don't play enough anyway to be able to afford it. The changes of inactivity per so many hours per week being lowered is okay and I think this is a necessary change to be fair with financing terms and real life terms of inactivity, players now have 2 things to worry about compared to LSRP SAMP. - Wealth/Weekly Payments & Inactivity, let's not stress players out too much. And apparently driver-licenses only last one month and then you have to redo the test again? Should be much longer then that. So far that's my only complaints, oh and the pink colors in /vehiclecolors and many other colors need to be adjusted heavily, make sure ID 135 gets adjusted, hot pink! Mandatory. Otherwise I'm enjoying the server and I believe it's going into the right direction.
  9. Looking good Mmartin! #premiumcontent!
  10. Natasha Valentine


    Good job @Ben for preparing it and all! Great to see some old screenshots!
  11. 1. I'm glad to be apart of the first pre-release day! I know there's plenty of things to still work on to really get things going but I found it was great that different clothing items were located at different clothing stores! It really gives a variety and a sense of walking into a new store, giving purpose to drive to one store or another by yourself or with a group of friends. 2. I know pricing is all being adjusted with business pay etc so I won't really comment there as it's kind of a grey area at the moment. 3. I'd like to be able to move around in a circle in animations, for example: /chairsit33 allows you to move in a circle with w-a-s-d. It'd be a great edition to allow all other animations to do the same, that way you can quickly adjust and face a direction or person during an animation or for the next animation that gets used. It smoothes the animations out simply, trust me. 4. I like the outfit system, /outfit & /deloutfit. I'd like to be able to re-arrange my outfits in my own order from 1 - 25. So I can put similar outfits with other outfits and arrange them to my liking. It'd allow for better organization for example: Dresses with dresses, party outfits with party outfits, Swim Wear with Swim wear etc! That's something I'd surely put in at some point especially if premium runs out and you are unable to edit/change slots 15 - 25, but are able to use them. Also allowing a system on top of the outfit system to allow players to be able to zip/put a hoodie on and having both of these systems in one would be amazing for players! 5. I'd also like to be able to /id (Player_Name) to find someone's ID, I don't know if that's already in the works. 6. Plus, I wouldn't mind a welfare/unemployment paycheck system, something minor but keeps the minimal rp flowing that way players don't feel as tightly forced to feel the need to grind. Just something minor, not too much but a little pat on the back for emotional support! That's my first impression and what I've experienced so far on day 1, I really like it and it seems to be working really well! Your team should be proud. And I spent over 140 hours on the test server, so I really like LSRP and this is a very good beginning for the servers first steps.
  12. The Mall! I'm kidding, I have no idea honestly. a place like the Pizza Stacks hm.. idk! I guess we'll have to find out.
  13. Amazing! Can't wait for LSRP V to release!
  14. I played several servers that I can't remember, but NG-RP is the oldest one I can recall and I played under a bunch of different names back then. You can see me for very brief moments in 2012 during the fund raiser for cancer on NGRP as Ashley_N_Leone. You can also tell it's me because I'm the only one that good with toys/clothing items even for back then, also my iconic purse is visible that everyone else copied, I was the first creator! - You can see me in the main screenshot before the video starts and at: 1:30 at the front of the line. I was most known for Ashley Rose, my assets were worth like $500.00 USD at the time, it was pretty iconic. I eventually left NGRP though and joined LSRP in 2014 and played it for the remainder of it's life-span on gta samp and I'm really glad I did or else I wouldn't have met a lot of you, including my Boo-Boo Carry Saunders! I'm now waiting for LSRP V! I will always love Roleplay. @Mmartin @Kane Keep up the good work! It's a shame it wasn't as easy to record game footage back then, not as it is today or else I'd have more to show of my NGRP experiences, I used to have a pink hp laptop that barely ran the game.. was my first computer but it was such a great time, I loved every minute of it... the good, the bad rp.. it was all worth it in the end.
  15. So the Character Creator, the base system is for skin color, face shape, eye color and so on. - We should have more then one chance to edit this due to poor lighting within the creator and horrible camera angles, there's going to be flaws that we can't see until we can walk around ourselves without being locked in place. Also, allowing to put make-up on and change hair-dyes during the creator gives more of a sense of your character portrayal and what you'd be aiming for. The face shape/parent that you use is very important for your beginning structure of designing a nice character's face. The main point of this thread is to give players more of an opportunity to fix flaws that they accidently made in the restrictive character creator. Hence a level system or a set amount of time to give the proper amount of players the time to adjust their characters I think would be a great thing in my opinion.
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