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    I agree, they gave Valorant another breeze of fresh air with their music video for the champions (a.k.a the worlds) tournament. I see, no wonder only the most sponsored teams are alive to this day and they can expand to other games. There were probably days when you wanted to quit no? I just had a quick look at the twitter account, yall doing pretty good on the CSGO scene I see. Is only the CSGO scene going strong or are you trying to expand onto other games as well? I hope I am not taking way to much of your time with my questions hahaha. Also, I wish you the best of luck with the team, I hope one day your org will come to the big scene.
  2. Open a book How do I sleep with my eyes wideeee open?
  3. Piss myself in public Would you rather have no arms or no legs?
  4. ??? Hellooooooo ??? It's meee ???
  5. A really cool collection, good job mate
  6. Sticker


    Used to be a big fan of League of Legends esports scene. Now I mainly chip in to watch the worlds and see if Korea or China will win (we all know that Europe and NA in LoL are always somehow shit in worlds lmao) Now I am quite into Valorant esports, probably because I enjoy that game haha To be fair, I used to dream to getting into esports, but school got in my way lmao, so I just wanted to ask, what it's like to help run an esports org? Also, if it is not a secret what is your esport team's name? Would like to watch them play.
  7. Kill someone and nobody finds out Would you rather have millions of dollors but be lonely for the rest of your life or have not much, but have a loving family/gf/bf?
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