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  1. It's truly beautiful, do you use any graphic enchanters or anything like that to take those pics?
  2. Many Viagras Placed P.S A new release date? pogchampu?
  3. Handing over items is a bit too much for a simple robbery, I've been robbed many times with zero to nothing RP and most of the time people just abused it robbing random people just to get those easy 500 bucks. But when it comes to accessing inventory that would lead too wayyy to many scenarios where people would just do 0 rp robberies to steal items from people - having in mind some people carry weapons sometimes and could potentially carry weed and drugs. So I believe we would end up with a system that lets people abuse each other. But that's just my opinion
  4. Damn that explains a lot, it's basically L4D without the money and experience of Valve xd It feels like they rushed to provide a game without thinking a lot through It's kinda sad, because I thought B4B will be a banger with modern engine and graphics and such. Is it even worth buying to play for 1 time?
  5. I haven't played the game myself nor I watched many videos of someone playing, but why does the community hate it?
  6. It's called Back 4 Blood (same people who created l4d - Turtle Rock Studios, but without Valve this time)
  7. Sticker


    Any Alfa Romeo fans/drivers here? I myself own Alfa Romeo 159 2.4 jtdm and that baby was made in 2010
  8. Good day sir! Welcome to LS-RP
  9. Sticker


    Good day, kind sir
  10. I believe there will be like a plastic surgeon on the game or nah? I mean maybe I will want a nose job and a boob job on my character
  11. Amazing, I personally especially like the drug island and cargo ship. Keep it up!
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