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  1. Not much testers and such can really say without people claiming we're protecting management or ass licking. The only people the community wants to hear from is Management and Development on the progress, which will be coming soon.
  2. I mean I'm generally OK with speaking about the past but in the context this thread is in, I don't really deem it important. Why speak on actions that happened years ago and try to make it fit in the same context as now, which is when is the server launching. It just creates general confusion and makes the topic go afar. As I said in my last post, communication and transparency has always been a key area for LS-RP to improve on, which has got better over the past few months, although not perfect. On the point of people wanting to withdraw their pledge, at the end of the day its their money and they can do what they please with it. As for how many Patreons have left, it can be either people sitting in Discord to rally people to leave for the sake of leaving or people actually wanting to support this project, and either is ok. Your not going to be looked down upon cause you stopped a Patreon payment. In regards to that "tipping point", I guess you mean in terms of overall interest. I think right now people aren't as interested due to the setbacks and delays, which is understandable. But look at other projects that had setback after setback and delay after delay, they launched and still had overwhelming interest, I believe that will happen with LS-RP. There seem to be a few people who rally people to do things with them, such as hate, moan, leave etc etc. What did they do on two different servers? You mean transparency, delaying? Either way, if you look further up this response you'll see why it isn't really relevant or necessary in the context we're speaking about. Transparency has improved, only until late and personal circumstances come into play, there was weekly meetings, bi-daily development streams and more often then not more than 1 snippet a week. Along with that continuous updates which is seen in Blogs section. I agree, a small update would be good right now but I'm sure one is in the works after the meeting this week. All well to assume. I mean, it doesn't really matter what someone does with their earned money, so the point about Mmartin gambling has no real relevance on the server launch now does it. And for the other people who responded asking why other people aren't talking, posting updates or announcements I couldn't answer you. I can't speak on their behalf and it's better if they respond to the threads themselves!
  3. I know the history of LSRP, I've been in the community for coming on 11 years. Moving to RageMP / GTA V should of happened a lot sooner, I agree but it is what it is. During the time Mow wasn't around and everything was set to expire, hence the .io domain to come into the question, I bet the last priority of Management/Leadership at the time was releasing a GTA V script. Now I agree there are some areas that need to be improved and I ain't going to shit on someone for trying to voice opinions so long it's done in the correct manner without the toxicity these types of topics bring along with them. I still trust Server Leadership as I know work is still being done and when you ask a question it's answered, least in my experience. I wish the server was out right now, but it isn't and there isn't much more I can do other than wait and fulfil what's needed from me as a staff member. Outside of that, I enjoy some fresh air and the real world so I'm not hung up on a date or worrying when it's going to be released. I know it'll release in due course. Now, just to point out now before you mention about Patreon and money, it was initially setup to help with the funding of LSRP and the future infrastructure of what's needed to run the server. Some will say it's really cheap, but you need to remember there is over 5,000 accounts on this forum alone, then think of the legal faction forums, then think of all the space is required for each of them and then add the game server on top of that the resources it needs when running at full capacity. Albeit it's likely to be a low amount data wise right now, it'll increase and the additional budget/donation money will be used to ensure the systems run smoothly. I am a Patreon member and I will be for a while, I don't see why pulling funds and demanding refunds will do anything, you opted to pay the money to the Patreon member. If that was the case, many other servers, games, content creators would do bust because their late to release something or someone had second opinions of what their being offered compared to what was offered. On this, the past is the past and there isn't a real need or purpose to bring it back up. Transparency has been a area of improvement of LS-RP and I would say for the most part since LSRP-V project was announced the transparency has been very good in comparison. It'll improve as time goes on. LSRP isn't technically a business, although you can look at it that was since it takes donations in exchange for a server, but in reality the community is here to allow people to play without having pay a premium to gain access to the server, so it's not actually a business. If people think Mmartin dipped cause people have donated to the Patreon, then you're not really smart. As if he opened the server he'd end up making more money through donations and the donation system etc.
  4. Started back then, but do you remember the DDOSing for a few months? Previous server leadership leaving, at the time with the current circumstances it wasn't a priority I suppose, then once we had the resources to continue with development we did. While I appreciate people will look at it and think 3 years and no server, it's much less than that.
  5. I think limiting peoples roleplay shouldn't be the the case here. I think the way it was on SAMP was fine and everyone followed it accordingly. Everyone has the option to be involved, be detailed and whatever they want it to be. As many other niches of roleplay people enjoy this category and ultimately as long as the end user is having fun then that should be it. As it's always been this type of roleplay is expected to be roleplayed away from everyone and with consent from both parties. I don't see what's drastically changed here to ban the whole style of roleplay. We have rules in place to stop anything disgusting or illegal happening such as paedophilia and such. The rules even states that any form of romantic or sexual roleplay with minors is forbidden, if you choose to break it then I'm sure you'll never play here again, so it's on you. If you want to bring in ID Verification then enable it for the whole server and not one area of roleplay, as many other areas are similar and can have the same affect on people. This is a GAME at the end of the day and we shouldn't limit what people do. Issue is too many people are hung up on what other communities and people are doing so think it actually affects them, when in reality those participating in such roleplay they've probably never interacted with on IC or OOC basis.
  6. This is something already planned.
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