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  1. yep, game is just as what you'd expect a korean game to be, horrendous animations, no challenge to combat and p2w
  2. 11 years wasted on this game, 10 accounts permabanned for calling 2/16 syndra supports in ranked autistic and retarded I would most definitely recommend playing this game
  3. she's in the grave for a long time now, when Nicholas got killed for OOC reasons she killed herself
  4. how much u gonna charge per hour for ur expertise, good sir?
  5. The reason why LEO factions have academies is the same reason we don't expect you to know the manual 100% at the start. You learn everything from purely roleplaying with members, it's the same thing you do on the academy, yes you have to read and understand what the instructors are saying in case you need to talk, but other than that most of it is basic roleplay.
  6. Read my reply, I've mentioned that private academies can be held for people that can't make the pre-set dates.
  7. Personally I think, the reason why they are always a group thing is because this is done IRL as well. Now I'm not trying to use this as an excuse, but I think the majority of us experienced at least one LEO faction's academy, which lasted a minimum of 2,5 hours. Imagine doing that for the few individuals that couldn't make the group sessions and all of them separately, that's another 4x2,5 hours. It's way easier to just do it in one go with most if not all of them. I still support the point of giving private academies to those that really can't make it that weekend, but in case the applicant is busy for the next few days as well then he might as well reconsider applying for that drive.
  8. okay, what the fuck, this is awesome.
  9. Future Custody Deputies will be given a rundown on how prison works so that we avoid people randomly running around not knowing what to even do there. Due to us merging into LSSD some things will be different, we already have tons of ideas that we'd like to re-implement into the prison system, if you'd like to follow any updates we put out I'd suggest you to join the discord.
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