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  1. I asked the questions I had here but thanks for the offer
  2. Are you also in charge of the courts? Apologies but the only one RyanW has identified as running the courts is himself. I had an efficiently written way for contesting charges that wasn't difficult or a hassle on the samp forums, from when I was chief justice
  3. I completely agree and that's why I personally made it very easy for people to appeal charges the best I could when I was chief justice. I'm just trying to make sure that it's still going to be a thing.
  4. Courts were also held IG when judges were available, we also had a discord channel where PD/SD could long judges as they called them IG - Only used for urgent cases. Warrants and RICO have already existed in LSRP.
  5. I’m aware, but RyanWs post talked about the opportunity to contest them IG. Hence my question towards him about it
  6. So the exact way it was on samp. Gotcha Is the not having to go to IA before contesting still in place?
  7. So are you guys going to fill judges for all playtimes? Are PD/SD going to be required to take you to the courthouse if you request it? What if a judge isn't available when a person is trying to have their charges reviewed?
  8. It honestly doesn't take much. Autospex was selling used cars until we realized that putting a car in and out of a faction fully healed it and we had to stop
  9. I don't think that official status should only be held for illegal and government factions. That continues the stigma of that's all that matters to the server.
  10. I fully agree with this. SAN shouldn't get to be automatically official. It's not a government entity.
  11. So if no state constitution at launch - no legal documentation outlining the jurisdictions and powers of any legal factions? It’d be pretty simple to copy the old one and amend anything needed - it was well written iirc and the parts not currently being used can easily be omitted With state senate - what's the basic process for someone to bring forward a law proposal IC? And will faction leaders follow that or will their suggestions just go ooc direct to the private group? Additionally - will insight be sought from other sources (ie faction team) or just those in the group?
  12. Look at laws and acts passed too though - not just the penal code amendments. There were a lot of issues with how Senate was ran - lack of activity was one issue, but over management caused a lot of the disinterest unfortunately.
  13. It’s something that’s vital to the foundation of the entire workings of the state, IC. Without it, rights aren’t laid out - heck, neither are the jurisdictions for PD/SD or powers any legal faction has.
  14. Was that Flemwad or Toretto? I know some got shot down because they were poorly written and rushed through but yeah
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